ASHI has CMI designation?

According to this story they do.


Dwight Barnett, a certified master inspector with the American Society of Home Inspectors, shared this checklist to help you target the areas that need

He is not listed on the CMI site.

CMI was “designed” to be association neutral. Anybody, regardless of whether they are in an association or not, can be a CMI. It supposedly has nothing to do with InterNACHI. Yeah, right.:roll:

If he isn’t listed then he is not , How ever you can be one without belonging to any organization

I think Nick owns the rights to it. You can be a CMI at any association or not as long as you pay in to it for the designation.

And Roy says he’s not listed.

The claim appears to be a part of his byline,1162211&hl=en

I think he has been reported to Nick before

Interesting, I’d think it’s one thing to put such information on a website where easily removed, having been published with such, you think a little different story.

I’m sick of fraudulent stuff… that we all work very hard to achieve ourselves.
Here’s a guy by me who prominently displays a big fat INachi logo on the main page. Not a member never was.[FONT=Comic Sans MS][size=1]
Also claims to be an ASHI member but is not.
His resume says inspector from 2008 - present, over 50,000 inspections.
Do the math that’s an average of 17 inspections daily even when you include 7 days a week.[/size][/FONT] :shock:
Almost possible if it takes a whole hour :wink:
“Our home inspections typically range from 1-2 hours long”

OK thanks for letting me vent.

OH Bouy!

Actually it says they’ve done over 50,000 inspection in the last three years! That’s 46/day 7 days a week, including holidays. They must have a really big crew.

Dwight Barnett lies about how many inspections he’s done and what professional designations he’s earned. Never hire Dwight Barnett to do your home inspection. Dwight Barnett lies about everything.

Thanks for the heads-up, Marc – we’ll contact this wannabe tomorrow! :smiley:

Hey is there any way we can keep a running toll of how many CMI are in each state.

I was able to figure it out once but it was tough and I just kept checking numbers then when there were no more I knew the number. It was a real pain in the arsh. I like to say I am a C.M.I. and there are only about 120 of us in the entire state. When I last looked there was like 110 but I would like to provide an accurate number because it sure seems to impress those I tell. Pretty Please help make it easier to know how many are in each state PLEASE :slight_smile:

Just a though Michael.

Don’t you think it’d be easier to say “Out of 10,000 Home Inspectors in our state, less than 120 of them are CMIs, and I am one of them”

I would do it this way because of the numbers constantly fluctuating and this eliminates the need to constantly keep the number on my website updated.

Maybe Nick can add a search by State to the CMI website in addition to the search by Zip Code or Name. As it is right now, a search by a zip code in NJ also lists CMI’s in PA, MD, NY, and CT.

This has been mentioned to Nick a few times before. Searching by zip code is very inaccurate, especially when you have neighboring states where some are licensed states and some are not.

Kevin I am up for anything I just want to be as accurate as possible with real numbers.