ASHI on Holmes

In other words…after a lengthy knob polishing by ASHI’s President…Mike Holmes withheld his endorsement.

I have wondered a couple of times here whether Nick is hoping to “ride with Mike” as I don’t think he has ever offered a comment on the actor HI!!

I know it’s after cocktail hour, but I don’t get it?

It means ASHI and its members are going to cash in on some of the Mike Holmes frenzy and the ASHI brand will synonymous with Mike Holmes.

ASHI and NACHI should both team up with Holmes. Could you imagine having a logo that stated your holmes certified? I don’t miss his shows the man knows what he’s doing. Just my two cents.

No thanks, and no he doesn’t. I have only seen his shows a few times. Each time, I have seen defects that they created (as least by U.S. standards) being closed up behind walls, and in basement slabs he tore up. Who comes back when Holmes screws up???

He is not a home inspector. He only plays one on television.

He does an “invasive” sledgehammer inspection and the film is cut and edited when he misses the mark.

His producers go out in advance and set up the story. He goes out and pretends to find it, fixes it, and moves on.

He is to the legitimate inspection industry what the World Wrestling Federation is to legitimate competitive sport.

Such as?

James he can inspect a home just as good as anyone. Why do you think he would make a bad inspector? Yes the man tears down walls on TV however in reality if you read his home inspection website they do no such thing.

When it comes to code does US and Canadian code mirror each other?

He doesn’t inspect homes. Others do, under his name.

He doesn’t conduct a home inspection on television. His producers do, kinda, after people write in or call with the problem in advance…and send him out when they find a “juicy story”.

He’s just another contractor.

That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Thanks!

Have you confirmed this James or is this your assumption. We don’t see what he does or has done off the camera. The man would not be on camera doing what he’s doing if he didn’t have a clue about residential construction. Mike is well liked for a reason. He’s knowledgeable it’s just that simple. Did you see his structural show tonight? It was impressive to say the least.

Your welcome… I bet you money his trained inspectors get paid a decent wage with all the publicity Mike has. He’s becoming very popular here in America as well.

Q: Are you ASHI certified?

I joined A$HI to see what the hype was all about. That’s all it is, hype. My membership expired 8 days ago. They can’t even come close to offering what InterNACHI does. Waste of $. If you want branding go run to them. You seem to have the desire to be like them or change InterNACHI to be like them ever since you joined and now your on the Mike is the best thing since sliced bread crusade. Have fun in Canada :wink:

Not that well, from what I hear…50% of the fee and …the HI assumes all the risk…but get to use his name. Maybe there’s more $$$ with a lower fee but higher volumes…I don’t want to be there!!

There’s been some scuttlebutt flying around up here that HI’s not doing that well are/were trying to jump on his bandwagon to boost income…but if they’re not doing that well, what’s their problem…lacking knowledge, experience, business skills, or interpersonal skills??? Who’d want to have this individual as part of your team. The better, succesful HI’s probably don’t need to or don’t want to hang their hat with Little Mikey!!

BTW, he doesn’t train inspectors!! He can’t legally inspect a house in the Province of British Columbia…he’s not certified by any of the approved orgs listed in their regs!! Is he certified by anyone??? He’s an actor now not a tradesman or HI!!

If you don’t find anything to comment on in most of his staged “shows”, maybe you’re not ready to be inspecting homes.

BTW Brian A does not train Inspectors!!
Brian A can’t legally inspect a home in the Province of British Columbia .
Brian A is not certified by any of the approved orgs listed in their reg!!
I think Brian might be certified by a self appointed group .
I do not think Brian A is tradesman or HI!! any more then Mike H is…
We do not need to comment on any Brian’s A staged posts ,he does a great job all by him self .
He is self appointed expert in just about every thing ,
Any doubts just wait he usually tells how great he is .

squawking seagull.jpg

Some times I wish Brian was a tree .

No, Canada is differant. Maybe a Canada inspector can explain in more detail.

I like to watch Mikes shows, it was cool to see him in the ASHI reporter article.

I know the current ASHI president, he is the founder of are local chapter.
I actually referred him to my cousin to do his inspection. Good guy, cares about his passion of inspecting.

Sometimes I wish Brian was your friend Raymond Wand.:p:p