Did anyone else see that Holmes came out with a Magazine. I think he is trying to take over for Bob Villa

I watched about 15 minutes of that show last week because it was called Holmes Inspection.
All I saw was remodeling work.
Why is it called Inspection?

Did you subscribe to it? :mrgreen:

What you don’t rip apart a house when inspecting it. :wink:

Give the man credit. I wish I had thought about it first. Think of the money he is raking in.

John, the magazine has been out for a while. Around in Canada for a year and just launched in the U.S.

There is always a fresh face on every subject.
Which one of you will be next?

Holmes Inspection is supposed to be about home inspections
All I saw in the last episode was a contractor pull out a thermal camera then bring in his construction crew to fix a cold kitchen.

I also keep hearing the same line out of Holmes
“I didn’t see that in the report”

No kidding John. Hey the floor seems cold. Let’s rip the floor up and see why…

Of course that is after the nitwit couldn’t find the crawlspace access under an appliance. He didn’t even look. What a jackwad.

If I remember that episode, the inspection had been done in the summer…so much for the IR imager finding the “cold floor in the winter” then…but even so, he did run the HI down! He’s a dilittante!!

No but I got a copy of the Premiere Isssue!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The White-Tower Boys over at ASHI sure do suck up to him don’t they? :smiley:

ASHI is seeking his endorsement. Their president wrote in a recent ASHI Reporter of his admiration and his recent trip to visit this guy to share his love. I suppose this recent “accreditation” of their certification process is still not enough to justify their existence to more than the hard core few who remain as members. They need the endorsement of an actor who plays an inspector on television.


That ASHI article was filler, it said nothing, conveyed nothing. Many ASHI members expressed their dissatisfaction with the article.

He ran the inspector down, and rightfully so, for not mentioning that there was no access to the crawlspace under the kitchen. Access under an appliance doesn’t really fit the definition of “readily accessible”.

Had further investigation been done prior to purchasing the home, the other issues would have been discovered.

That’s too bad!

I have posed the idea that Nick is possibly doing the same or at least contemplating it, since he has never mentioned or discussed him…period! I have never got a response.

Its all marketing

and perception AFTER editing and a few retakes

Sure the inspector should have been able to identify no access to the addition of the house, and included that in the report.

My problem is this whole show is promoted as an inspection series, when it is not.
Mike goes into the home points out what and issue that was identified by the homeowner as an issue and then brings in his contracting company to fix the problem.
Out of the two episodes I have seen so far I have yet to see him perform a home inspection.

I do agree with you that there isn’t a lot of inspecting going on. I would like to see him perform an actual inspection, start to finish.