ASHI Thread of the Week

ASHI members discuss their membership numbers:

Way to go, Nick.


What you probably didn’t know about that thread is it contains the names of some of the best homes inspectors anywhere. One gentleman listed who I know personally gets paid $450 for a two bedroom condo inspection. :wink:

Unprofessional at best, leave ashi on their own board. Are you jealous Jim?

Somebody’s jealous, Ben…but it ain’t me.:wink:

Well, at best the statement is disengenuous. The same could be said about ASHI. If you fill out an application and send in a check you can join them too. As far as gaining credibility simply by joining an association, isn’t that exactly what they are saying about ASHI? There are many people who belong to both and several others. I would think that most people belong to several because they get something from each that the others lack. What exactly does ASHI offer their members in the way of benefits. Their training certainly isn’t free or even cheap, and yet many of the same trainers teach for NACHI so it isn’t a question of the “quality” of training. This whole pissing match between these two organizations doesn’ t help either side. I know some ASHI inspectors and frankly they are no better or worse than many NACHI inspectors. This sorta reminds me of High School cliques. I think a lot of inspectors join one organization or the other just to find some valuable and usable training but the BBs are a place for a very, very small section of inspectors to come and piss on the ground and mark their territory so they can declare how vastly superior they are. The vast majority of inspectors in any association do not have the time or the inclination to spend in here or over at ASHI strutting around crowing. I bet they got a few idiots over there too.

This seems to me to be a typical ASHI comment, Quality is directly associated with a dollar figure.


I agree 100%.

Quality is directly associated with a dollar figure. I’m confused. If Quality is directly associated with a dollar figure why does nachi/ nick have to give out free and discounted memberships and free CE to get new nachi members ??:roll: :roll:

Busshy… Wait to you see the upcoming nachi members only posts comming that were forewared to me… 100s of pages:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: The one kicking out a WA. nachi member for being an ashi member and something about his emails is a good one with a lot of players names that will be exposed to the public. I’m sure they are and will be very proud of their posts that they thought were not open to the public.

I’m sure that after exposing some of the most juicy ones to the public your fellow members will be proud that you are also a member of their org…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: </IMG></IMG></IMG></IMG></IMG></IMG></IMG></IMG></IMG>


I meant that quality work earns more money. I am not joking that an ASHI friend gets $425 for a tiny condo - because he is known for quality work.

Go have a cold beer. I was on your side. :slight_smile:

Earl… Cold beers give me a head ache.:slight_smile:
I’m agreeing with you. I was just compairing quality work to a quality org and cannot figure out since everybody claims nachi is the best, why doesn’t nachi get the top $s for membership dues opposed to having to give memberships away to get new members. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Dan…Don’t be a Nick and claim the goods, and never deliver. Just deliver the goods.

Couldn’t agree more Erol.

I definitely wouldn’t say no to ride-arounds with some of those afore-mentioned gentleman!

(Think they’d let me carry their tools?) :smiley:

Chuck… I’m torn on what to do… .Not to mention it will take days to get the “best of” nacho garbage sorted out to post:mrgreen:

Following are 3 of several comments that I received…

Dan. You have a good reputation in our profession, Don’t lower yourself to Gromyko’s and Busharts level.

I also accessed the ASHI site. All The topics that I read including the one that Jim posted is just an example of true HI professionals trying to raise the level of our profession, posting some of the garbage from the members only is like most of the garbage on the open side of the bulletin board.

Dan. RE: posting the BS on the members only, don’t go there. The unedited Jerry Springer version would be quite an eye opener to the public, posting it will only increase the bad impression of home inspectors to the public, Bushart and the other ESOP members have already done that.

I think growth within ashi would be a good thing if we make the organization so good that people seek it out and want to join. if is the key word here. I checked them out and you see where I’m at. Ken

I wonder Can someone be sued for putting someones post out in the public view without their permission in order to harm them. Dan I don’t have a clue who you are or who you think you are, but if you’re not a member of nachi then what are you doing here. Who pissed in your oatmeal? What’s with the nan nan nan nan nah! If you’re special please send me an autograph,if not then just SHUT-UP !

I wonder Can someone be sued for putting someones post out in the public view without their permission in order to harm them.
I don’t know… I would suggest asking the six ASHI members that posts are posted here by busshy. or ask Nick he’s the one that sues everybody and the one that would be sued in this case. 2 or 3 of them are ex nachi members:roll: :roll: :roll:

Dan I don’t have a clue who you are or who you think you are, but if you’re not a member of nachi then what are you doing here. Who pissed in your oatmeal?
Nick… Years ago.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
If you last very long in this profession you’ll also figure that out. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

If you’re special please send me an autograph,if not then just SHUT-UP
Sure no problem. To get the most for your investment Just Send me 289.00 cash only] in a self addressed envelope :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Whomever brews the Kool Aid at ASHI does it right for those select few!:margarit:

Education- don’t make me laugh! Hundreds of dollars to listen to a vendor in bed with ASHI who knows little about my profession speak about something hardly relevant. Yeah, that’s how you lead the industry! Get a clue ASHI, people come to NACHI for the MARKETING and for VAST access to educational resources from and for home inspectors. Wait, I can get educational resources from ASHI but only if I pay through the corn hole for it because ASHI is so committed to controlling, oops, I meant advancing the industry.

NACHI is the overnight membership organization? Oh yeah, I did have to wait to get my ASHI membership. But its not like I had to do anything special to get it. So NACHI is bad simply because they don’t have DMV-inspired service? Shame on Nick for the convenience!

ASHI turnover, just beautiful! Its no secret why over half their newbie new members don’t last that first year. Among other things, ASHI fails to provide them with what they need to succeed such as access to quality education, marketing support (oh wait, I could buy my marketing from one of those ASHI bed partners and be like the rest of the HI’s in my area that do so with little success) and their aristocracy based on “experience”. Its funny how the numbers regarding Full Membership turnover wasn’t mentioned. After all, many of them are leaving because they realize that all they get for their dues is a lame duck organization who would rather jockey for power within the industry rather than attempt to better it.

Crash & Burned Just wanted to see if I could get the whites of eyes! You’re to good for me. Can you see my white flag waving? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Is there anyone else fit to be “The Voice of the Home Inspection Profession”? Ask me or virtually any other HI who is the president of ASHI, NAHI (I was surprised to find out their door are still open!) and the other wannabe “Industry Voices”. I don’t know! Why is that? :-k Simple, none are industry leaders.:idea:

I don’t agree with everything Nick is about but if there is such a title as “The Voice of the Home Inspection Profession”, he already has it!:twisted: Nobody else can lay claim to founding a 10,000 + member HI organization that monopolizes the industry’s internet share and provides a flatout overwhelming amount of resources that are free or nearly free. Unlike all the wannabe voices, Nick is an interesting character with the passion and the skills that have advanced our profession. Love him or hate him, its very difficult to argue that anyone else deserves the imaginary title “The Voice of the Home Inspection Profession”.

So get over it ASHI, you don’t have what it takes and likely won’t have what it takes to be “The Voice” again. All you have is a brand, a superficial brand that is squandering its credibility for the selfish purpose of surviving. -X If you have any respect for the industry, pull the plug and develop a new organization- one which truly serves the industry.:wink: Until then, quit speaking on my behalf and quit lying to the public that your brand insures the best home inspector.

Well written and to the point. Thank You!