ASHI's President doesn't get it. Mandating education does not equate to higher fees.

I was invited to a roundtable discussion recently where ASHI President Joe Corsetta gave a talk where he said that the only way for our industry to get our fees up is through legislating higher educational requirements.

Uh, Joey… Texas has had licensing for many years and requires over 400 hours of education to get a home inspector license! Texas inspectors also command the lowest average fees in the free world.

I’m all for education as shows, but mandated education doesn’t lead to higher fees.

How about the “Minimum Inspection Fee Act of 2007.”
$500 minimum inspection fee. Even for a shed. :cool:

Damn anti-trust laws.

Somebody pinch me I must be dreaming :mrgreen:

Good one Erol



BTW nice to see you back on the boards, Happy holidays to you and yours.

Is this is same EROL that posted this in another forum?

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Posted - Dec 23 2004 : 1:10:21 PM [](javascript:openWindow(‘pop_mail.asp?id=463’)) As a former NACHI member I can say I did have some fun over there. The message board is often like watching cartoons. The main reason I left was the ‘get your certification in a gum ball machine mentality.’ Not to mention you can start your own chapter with no inspection experience. It’s hokey and deceiving.

Erol Kartal

Erol Kartal

Some people are just so jealous of NACHI and its members .
They slide in and out do not want you to know who they are and just love to see if they can cause some trouble .
We at NACHI love to allow out side-rs in to see how a great association is .
It really is too bad that the other associations members do not get the chance to post their silly words at home .
Any one who does not use his own name deserves live in a town like
Glad to see you can visit the real world and see how great NACHI members get along .

Considering the date (Dec., '04) of the quote from the “other” board, the recent poster should re-name him (or her) self…The Old Facts. Erol does as he pleases, for reasons of his own choosing.

Certainly, I’d have to wonder about anyone who can find the time to register an anonymous name on the Nachi mb, then bother to quote two-year old inane and mostly irrelevant fluff from one message board onto this one. For sure, The Facts is having a slow inspection month (if The Facts is even, In Fact, an inspector). :shock:

The Ohio study shows that the only thing that changes after licencing is the average number of career inspections drops in the third year after licencing is brought in. Less experience equates to lower quailty.

Ahh Nickey…
Your not happy until you can yet find another way to bash successful professionals from another org.:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
Everday you post this type of bashing of other professionals it’s just another example of how your org is nothing more than a cult headed by you and it shows your fear that your members will wander from your cult due to mandated CE if they experience other types of CE and mingle with other professionals that may not think like you.

What are the requirements of your CMI program… If I recall it’s been stated that one componet is mandated additional CE… which according to you that equaled More $s:roll: :roll: :roll:

Yes your free on line ce has some value, I don’t think any successful HI thats been around longer more than a couple years will agree with your philosophy that a home inspector that takes free on line CE is as or more informed than an inspector obtaining that information with a group of other experienced professional inspectors that share there knowledge and experiences of the CE topic and other HI experiences, before, during and after CE seminars with other HIs , it’s been proven for over 30 years that this type of CE, CAN and WILL allow that inspector not only gain far more knowledge from the ce subject provided, it will also allow that inspector to apply that additional HI knowledge on each inspection [not obtainable from sitting in his chair at home], thus allowing him to raise his fees from that additional knowledge and shared experiences alone.


Good post Dan, and a myth that ASHI’s president believes too. But it is just that… a myth.

I’m all for education as shows, and as your post about 's CE shows. Education is critical… but it doesn’t by itself lead to higher fees.

If you and the ASHI president were correct… Texas inspectors, which have to complete over 400 hours of education just to get their license, would enjoy the highest fee structures in the country, not the lowest.

You are both wrong.

Dan writes:

Nope, actually home inspection education options have drastically increased over the past 30 years, yet home inspection fees have fallen drastically (when you correct for inflation) over the past 30 years. In some areas of the country you don’t even have to correct for inflation, the fees are no higher than they were 10, 20 or 30 years ago.

More evidence that you are both wrong.

$300 30 years ago at a modest 4% inflation rate equates to $973 today. We haven’t even kept up with the inflation.


OK, what is the formula for higher fees?


I cannot answer for Texas, Contrary to a post made by a foreigner on AZ pricing a nachi member from MO that claims to be an expert about AZ licensing .:smiley: ] I do not agree fees have not increased.
When I started over 5 years ago it was not uncommon to see 150 fees now that is up to 250 plus. Sure we would all like to see more and strive to get more, if additional CE is not the answer, then what?
To me lip service when marketing only works one time.
And Why, would or should an inspector pay 300 or $ to become a CMI or any other advanced title ???

Opps… JB beat to the the question.:slight_smile:

My formula…Mentally KNOW you are worth more…and just charge more…:slight_smile: thats my Formula !

The choice is yours pay now or pay later.
Some are smart and join NACHi and then there are others who do not join but love to visit NACHI .
I see you know how great NACHI is you just love to come and see what goes on in the real world . It is Great place .

Why would I pay to join nachi, when in one post nick claims inspectors need to pay him or ? for additional qualificiations, IE, additional CE to be a CMI and goes on to claim nachi is the leader in provideing CE and on the next post he claims thats he has proof that additional ce will not allow me to make additional $s.

What goes on in the real world, I assume that you referring to nachi:roll: :roll:
If thats the case the real world is a joke, as this post by nick is about as absurd and him endorsing an ashi member for president because he claims that he can “work” :roll: :roll: with that person.

Gee to bad for you and I guess again NACHI wins .
As I said it is your choice .
WE both know what association does more for the public more for the Home inspectors .
NACHI of course where you continue to prove how great NACHI is .
You make a feeble try and in you heart you just can’t stay away.
It would be nice to see you offer some of your experience to help others
( You do have some experience don’t you)
If you do not then all the more reason to visit NACHI in time you too can be a good inspector.
Welcome to the Great NACHI BB where even Ashi members are welcome .
Roy Cooke

Dan is a highly qualified HI and provides quality training to others, not for free of course, but from what I understand his classes are worth the 110 dollars it cost to attend.

At leaste he has the integrity(however missplaced)to give his oppinion and not wayver… Wayver is that a word?

I would like to see Dan post in the tech threads(hell he is already here)to help all that he can. I suppose his dissdane for NACHI and it’s members are preventing him from being of any real help.