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That is exactly how I feel. It the Mole the kind that stretches and you can hook anything onto? I think the exterior of the 5.11 has it?
i’ll look right now.

5.11 58621 straps on right. are they flex or not. In other words will mags squezze in or can I attach another bag with velcro etc…

it also says the 36 gun case will fit their CAMS bag base. Whats acams bag?

I think I remember the voodoo case does it have six mag pockets on outside? I want a grab and go bag for the rifle and all that goes with it.

Molle webbing does not stretch. It’s intended to provide a surface to weave matching pouches to. The pouch will have straps that weave through the webbing. This isn’t the best pic but the mag pouches and binocular case is held on with molle webbing. The cams bag is like a travel bag…you don’t want one. The 58621 will meet your needs and you can attach pouches if you like. I personally don’t like hanging stuff from a rifle bag. I like my rifle bag to be …just a rifle bag. I use a backpack for everything else.

I would prefer that nothing hangs off the bag but being inside would be great.
Thanks for the pict and explaining the molle system. I get it now :slight_smile:
More importantly thanks for your service.

Here’s a close-up of a binocular case attached to my backpack and you can see the way the molle straps are woven into the bag

When they are woven what keeps it woven?.velcro.

Depends on the pouch. Some have straps that weave through and double back under with a rigid tab. Some have snaps. Some have plastic molle clips. Regardless of type they all are compatible with the webbing on the bag.


Thanks I had no clue how it secured to the webs.

Its easy. Dont get caught up in ensuring that all of your pouches etc. use the same type of clip…it’s far more important to have the pouch you want rather than how it attaches. In this pic the bino case uses straps. The taco mag pouches use clips. And my knife I just used zip ties.

I do not care how they attach as long as they do functionally. If they match or not I could not care less.

I do have some zip ties so that does give me more than a few ideas.

Thanks for your real world experience.

As long as everything is molle I am good to go one way or the other :slight_smile:

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