Attention all members. A letter from NACHI member Greg Heidepriem's wife and children

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From: Greg Heidepriem
To: Lisa Endza ; nick gromicko ; ; ; Doug Caprio
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 8:31 PM
Subject: Greg Heidepriem Hospitalized
Hi all,

I wanted to write to you and tell you what happened to Greg, My husband.

Greg has talked about the fun he had with you and everyone else at the Nachi Convention in Toronto, so I thought you should all know what is going on.

Last Wednesday June 6th Greg was at a luncheon meeting with a Realtor in Defiance Ohio and started to feel ill, He is so committed to his profession he continued his meeting, after the meeting he went to get up & his left leg felt very odd and his left arm was numb & tingling. He paid for their lunch and went to his truck without as much as a word to the Realtor about not feeling well.

Greg got in his truck and immediately called me at home & explained his condition, I was so worried I told him to go straight to the closest ER, He said No I have to go to Office Max and mail a pump to Pro-Lab and then I am heading home.

Well, he went to Office Max & mailed the items to Pro-lab and his condition worsened. He was taken to a local hospital where he was diagnosed with having a CVA or Stroke in the Right parietal brain, which controls left side movement, Speech, & short term memory.

*Greg is doing quite well considering all that has happened to him, He lost the feeling in his right side leg, arm, face & lips and he had brain seizures from last Wed. until Sat. when they started to get him stable his short term memory was noticeably affected. He started regaining movement in his left extremities and his face so, they transferred him to an intense rehabilitation unit at a large hospital, St. Rita’s Medical center in Lima, Ohio on Tuesday (today). *

Greg is in surprisingly good humor & we are very optimistic for a good outcome and I will keep everyone updated on his progress!

Greg has spent countless hours over the last year putting his Nachi chapter together and having educational events and also working with Nick Gromicko to add some other educational events for the entire Nachi team. He & Nick also worked hard for Greg to land a contract with General Motors North America to teach H I at their facilities.

I know how much Greg Loves Nachi & the Inspection industry and I think it would mean a lot to him if fellow inspectors or fellow members would write him or send a heads up card to help keep his spirit up while he endures a very painful road to recovery!!

*send well wishes to: *

730 West Market Street
Greg Heidepriem
Unit 7E Room 71
Lima, Ohio 45801

In the meantime I will try to answer all his emails as best I can.

Thank you all for your time,

Deb Heidepriem, Zachary & Caitlin

Thanks Nick any chance you can post his home mailing address thanks.
Roy Cooke

No but if any member wants it, email me for it.

PIC of Greg and I on his website:

He looks to young for that to have happened.
I pray for a quick recovery.

Greg & Deb, you’re in our prayers. Get yourself better, you can do it.


Very sorry to hear this …

I know that when my husband was hurt, I spent all my time at the hospital, I’m sure she must be doing something similar because they involve the wife and kids in rehab as much as possible, which is why she probably gave a hospital address. So it’s probably best not to write at the home address or she’s probably not going to get any of them until she gets home and gets overwhelmed with a pile of mail. Or she may prefer to not give out her home address and that is why she gave the hospital address.

*send well wishes to: *

730 West Market Street
Greg Heidepriem
Unit 7E Room 71
Lima, Ohio 45801

In the meantime I will try to answer all his emails as best I can.

Thank you all for your time,

Deb Heidepriem, Zachary & Caitlin

I am sorry to hear that this happened to Greg,

Please be very careful as it is very common to have another shortly after the first one. A stroke is definitely a life changing event.

I think we can all afford 41 cents to send him a quick card. He sounds like someone who will put his best face on, no matter what he’s feeling inside. This kind of trauma can really get to you. I’m sure he could use some well wishes. I know I’d appreciate it if I were in his place…
I’m sending a card. Let’s fill his room with cards…and remember, “laughter is the best medicine!”

Greg is in our prayers.

My prayers are with you…

Get well soon.
Regards Len

Greg we will be praying for you and your family

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Greg at the 2007 Convention. He wore his CMI Shirt with extreme pride and conviction. However during our casual conversations he impressed me even more with his dedication to his family and his exemplorary morals.

Bless the Heidepriem family during these trying times. Get well soon Greg, and we’ll see you at the 2008 convention.


You and yours are in my families thoughts Greg … get well soon!

Do they need anything specific now that a big chunk of their income is sidelined?

card on it’s way tomorrow!

May God bless you in this time of distress.
We will all be praying for Greg’s recovery.

If you can’t send a card for whatever reason, leave a note on this thread. When my husband was in the hospital I would run down to the computer and read the religious forum I was a member of to get the messages of comfort from the members there. I printed them out and took them up to his room and read them off to him and even though he couldn’t remember alot of the people, it still made him feel good to read the prayers from the members of the bulletin board. It’s an amazing thing and does so much good.

Greg is a benefit to HomeGauge and we wish him a speedy recovery!!

Russell and the HomeGauge team

Please get well soon. As you can see we are pulling for you as a family.

                                           God Bless