Attn: Non-members in states that require E&O... it must suck to be you.

:shock: OK, OK, that was a bit harsh, I apologize, but I’m trying to promote this and members do save many times the cost of NACHI membership on just this one benefit.


The insurance industry has been cautiously watching the home inspection industry for years. These insurance companies have a lot at risk. They weren’t going to give just any association an exclusive discount. Of course I can brag about NACHI members all day long, but having a global, best rated insurance company bet on NACHI with their own money… well that says everything about NACHI. I am very proud that insurance actuaries have finally come to conclude what I’ve known all along: NACHI members and only NACHI members deserve to pay much less because NACHI members are the best home inspectors in the world. … now available in all 50 states.

Great, now get them to help with the tail coverage we have to pay to switch companies.

I think Joe Ferry solved that problem. Ask him:

Bruce - You don’t need to buy tail coverage to switch. The NACHI E & O Coverage has automatic retroactive coverage.

Thus, if you inspected a home in year 1 when you were covered by ABC Insurance company, then you switch to NACHI’s insurer, the Lexington Insurance Company, in year 2, you are covered for a claim made for the inspection you conducted in year 1.

Otherwise, you would be a hostage to your original insurer forever.


Read and email me it back with language added about the retroactive coverage as I get the question often. Put the added language in red so I can change it on the sites.

Don’t take the way Nick says stuff too seriously, he is laughing all the time.

Will do.

Can’t wait till its available in Canada!

sounds good,

  1. Will they also provide general liability coverage at a good rate?
  2. Is the E&O premium lower the 2nd year?

Sorry wrong location Roy

  1. Yes. 2. Don’t know.

Hey Joe…
I have a question for you.

Is the E and O and General Liability Separate limits??? For instance, 1 million for E and O, then 1 million for General Liability, or are they combined limits?

Just curious…if you knew.

They are combined.

thanks for the info. joe…
The price is right under Nachi’s discount! I will be signing up with AIG this year!

I think it’s against insurance law to offer an exclusive on E&O insurance - look it up. The AIG guys will tell you if they ask. Nobody can offer an exclusive on E&O insurance. If non-members calls AIG, they’ll get the same deal.

It depends on if you mean exclusive to NACHI members or exclusive pricing. Perhaps if they offer it to you, they can’t offer an exclusive price, however they can offer it exclusive to NACHI members and refuse to offer it to you.

The fifth largest insurance company in the U.S. is doing it right now at You MUST be a NACHI member and this insurance is EXCLUSIVELY for NACHI members.

I’ll put it another way… if you are a non-member who wants mold E&O insurance… it must suck to be you.

Boy I knew all hell would break loose when people could actually reply to some of these threads.:roll:

Actually, from what I am reading of ASHI’s posts under this pseudonym, I think the above abbreviated sentence is most appropriate, all by itself.

It could be that all the insurance companies, sick of hearing from their actuaries about what poor risks non-NACHI-members are, how many claims they suffer from non-NACHI-members, and how NACHI members are the Marines of the profession (best trained, best equipped, best educated that the insurance agents are willing to bend insurance laws to acquire us as clients as oppoesed to the rest of the riff-raff.