Avoiding Home Seller Complaints

About three years ago, I began leaving a letter on my stationary at the home seller’s residences.
It thanks them for permission to inspect their home and states that I did my best to leave the property as I found it. I then say, “If I have failed in this endeavor, please accept my sincere apology in advance.”
It was pretty rare for me to receive a home seller complaint as it was, but I have not received another such complaint since I bagan leaving that letter.


Funny, I do the same thing. I started doing this because I left the A/C running in someone’s house one day and they wanted me to pay the electric bill for that day. So I decided to leave table cards alongside my brochure. I haven’t received any complaints since. I’ve also received many leads this way.

This is what my table card states.,…

During the inspection I tested and changed the settings of many systems in your home. I do my best to put everything back just as I found it. Please take a moment to check all of the settings and controls within your house to assure that they are at your comfort level. If you have any questions or concerns please call or e-mail me.

[FONT=Palatino Linotype]David Valley[/FONT]
Massachusetts Certified Home Inspections

We’ve been leaving a tent card at inspected homes for almost two years. We’ve had home sellers call a small handful of times regarding concerns about lighting settings, thermostat, etc. I think they generally appreciate knowing who’s been in their home, and how to reach us if there’s a concern. What’s really nice about it is the somewhat larger handful of times the sellers have contacted us to perform THEIR home inspection.

The tent card costs us less than $0.10, each. Our average inspection fee well exceeds $300.00. Doing the math, we can’t think of many other business/marketing efforts we engage-in that provide a better R.O.I. Would you approve-of a $0.10 investment to secure $329.00 in revenue??


How big is this tent card? Got a photo?

I have a letter that is pre-written with the inspectvue program. I leave them at the house that I just inspected. No complaints as of yet. :roll:

What exactly does that one say?

I simply print it-out on #67 colored paper stock, 8 1/2" x 11", and fold-it over as a tent. The front of it says “Our compliments on the pending sale of your home,” and the inside of it is very similar to what Mr. Valley described above in his leave-behind, including our web and phone contact information, and a business card mounted with four photo mounting corners. Nothing particularly fancy, but the colored paper (and the fact that I leave it as prominently as possible on the kitchen counter) seems to get the attention of some home sellers.

Here is a copy of the letter that I use that come with the Inspectvue program. I have had no complaints yet… Knock on wood. :smiley:

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dear Property Owner: Mr & Mrs John Doe,

Thank you for allowing us to inspect your home. Although we had to open and close windows and doors, and test systems and appliances, etc, we attempted to leave your property in the condition that we found it. However,

please take a moment to check the settings on the range and thermostat, etc, to make sure that we have not inadvertently left something on or changed settings. Once again, thank you very much for allowing us into your
home, and if you have any questions or observations, please call us at


Mark H Roe

Nice. Thanks for the info. I was expecting a half sheet or so sized card.

Thanks all,
I’ve been trying to put this into words but it appears that I don’t need to re-invent the wheel.