Awesome inspection vehicle setup


I wonder what the basketball net is for… :wink:


A lot of nice toys!

May be a silly question, but what’s on the tripods? Lights? Also curious what type of track crawler that is? first thought but almost forgot to mention, awesome set up!!

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I would love to see a complete list of all these toys so I could lose a couple hours on Google researching them all…


No logos, advertising or vehicle wrap?

One vehicle may be given away for the next holiday party, right? - Obviously not a real expectation…That is pretty solid though!

For when work is slow! :stuck_out_tongue:

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No phone number? No website? All of those tools look more like a contractor’s vehicle than a home Inspector.

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Those are radon monitors on the tripods. Air things is the brand, model is Corentium Pro.

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I agree with Christopher, I bet it took just as long to pull those tools out and set up as it does to do a home inspection.

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But I have to admit I wish I was that well prepared

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Hhhhhmmmm I have that same 4runner may have to try and duplicate lol

Whose setup is it ??

Not bad at all. Looks like it should fit inside the vehicle as well.