What a mess

As of 5:00 PM this evening 634,000 homes without power in this State alone not counting Kansas or MO. OKC & Tulsa look like a war zone OG&E saying it will be 10 days or more before power restored. I should be in FLA or S. TX:(

Ice storm? Wind?

ICE lots of it

Oh my, it will not be good. :frowning:
Stay warm Charley

Saw it on the news. Looks bad! Hope you have lots of wood to burn.

Don’t go to Texas, my son lives in NE part of Texas and they are having a terrible time!!

Some recent Oklahoma ice storm photos



I’ll leave the lights on!

You and yours would be welcome here
and I promise no SOONER digs

we’re a balmy &
****Cloudy 39°F
**Feels Like

My oldest in Sand Springs (Tulsa burb to the West) has three trees down, one hit the house on the North side just ‘raking’ (his words) the shingle edges good. So far his fencing is okay…

Been ‘camping’ in his house for two days… it was down to 40 in the house last night…:smiley:

Nice offer… It’ll be 81 degrees and Sunny here… I’m riding the STeed to my NVG local tonite…:mrgreen:

We’re trying to get him to take the SC Bar and move here… so far the GF (OSU med student in Tulsa) has him firmly ‘rooted’ in Oklahoma…

Oh yeah, he hates the Sooners too… (OSU grad)

Thanks BA very nice Offer I live between Ponca City and Stillwater (OSU) and was just on the very edge of the ice never lost power:D Knock on wood.

Know the area well My daughter (youngest) is on the Tulsa PD North side.

Mike If your son needs any assistance let me know would be glad to help.

Thanks Charley, his Grandmother and all our extended family are in and around Tulsa… He’ll be fine…

Only my Sister in Muskogee has power, they should all head to her house!:mrgreen:

Come on down we will go fishing…

Wow!!! things look real bad now

Need Beer sos.jpg

Yes, I know it is crazy here in Oklahoma. If anyone knows of any businesses that need emergency power my wife works for a power company and they are selling, leasing, and renting large generators. For more information on these email me at james@licensedinspectionservices and I will have them give you a call.

Glad to here it.

My sister in law lives in Minneapolis /St. Paul and every winter she invites us to come and do some lake ice fishing while it is in the minus reaches of the thermometer. I always ask her why in the world would I want to do that? I then invite them to come visit us in Pensacola and do some surf fishing—it was in the70’s here today and I love it. I worked my way south for 20 years to reach this point and I may make it to the Keys before it is all over. Hang in there.

come on down it was in the low 80’s yesterday and today it is suppose to be the same…