Basement leaks at--near corner, somebody(seller) poured concrete at-near corner lol

Did pouring concrete and caulking perimeter of house at–near corner stop the water from entering basement? Nope, keep trying. If your selling your house, better watch your backside, got dat?
See the screwdriver, huh? That will likely be the TOP of a vertical corner crack in block foundation wall and has been there aka existed a long time, uh huh.

And quite a few wanna install an interior basement drainage system and sump pump that will cost as much or more and NOT stop the water from where it is first entering… hmm, okie dokie.

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Henri here, an ashi member… Q— assessing a crack in foundation wall that leaks when it rains a lot, what TA do, what TA do? They say supposed PRO’s wanna slap crap on the inside including Drylok for around $700 loooolll
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Henri’s reply in-part, hairline cracks can be IGNORED. Really? They just told you the crack LEAKS, whatever size, waterproof the crack man!!!

Then he adds, he thinks its a GRADING problem lool because it only leaks when they get a lot of rain, pfft, see video below, it ONLY leaked on heavy rains Henri! hahhaaa oh man!

Then he says if concrete patio slab slopes towards DUH house/wall then… THAT can be the problem. Wrong answer again, See OTHER video below

Hairline crack poured foundation wall, leaked on heavier rains…
Someone slapped on some tar… not enough, doesn’t last, not a good enough job baby! So Henri, IGNORE these hairline cracks that allow water in huh?

NEW DRIVEWAY poured, ummm slabs pitch awy from the stupid house!!
How much $$$ did THAT cost? Did it solve the problem? Nooooooo.
See the deterioration going on??? What? Just allow it to get worse? Pour MORE concrete? hahahaaa


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many try n kick—the----can down the road to the NEXT homeowner (when selling the stupid house), need to be sued for not disclosing EXISTING DEFECTS, tired of this shtt.

If there was a HOLE in the ROOF, an existing defect… (when selling the stupid house), would they plop a tarp over the hole and claim it is now fixed/repaired??? C’’’’'mon!

You have NOT fixed/repaired anything by raising and sloping the grade or extending downspouts 99 miles away or mudjacking slabs or pouring 22 miles of concrete AND, you have NOT identified the actual-existing problem(s). Doing this CRAP… you are only guessing and hoping, pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft

Homeowner here already RAISED and SLOPED the stupid grade away, kept leaking, found n called my dirty azz… ran a water test and showed him that there are exterior openings in his block foundation wall because… when running the water/hose they got water in, on floor after a few minutes of running the water!! looollll GAS LINE and hairline vertical crack were the problems, NOT the lousy stupid GRADE!!!@!@@#%#

The supposed pro’s who apparently wanna slap crap on the inside for around $700, aren’t pro’s!

Same house as above videos, block foundation wall, homeowner leaks at–near corner soooooooooooooooooooo, gave him an estimate on doing the corner, NOT two walls, NOT all the way around, just where his problem/leak is. He recently bought the place, seller said no leaks, yeah, sure , right

somebody slapped some tar, about 4", on drive side wall and about 1’ onto the back wall, then poured new ‘rock’. Somebody KNEW there was a problem, leaky basement, they didn’t fix, repair what needed fixin’, got that? Sealing the top 4" or so doesn’t seal anything else, anything that’s OPEN…lower hence, will still leak. They tried to get-out on the cheap.