Basement waterproofing exterior corner because umm, exterior cracks

Short videos, part 1 inside duh basement, Do YOU see a vertical crack near the corner on the inside? No. Is this 1+ on the outside of the wall? Oh yes.

Part 2, outside. See the vertical corner crack?
See the hairline horizontal crack?
See the gaps around water line? See the old gas line/hole?
See the other exterior openings? Umm, THOSE are WHERE and WHY water entered the hollow blocks and then that water dropped through the lower blocks where it THEN came out onto the basement floor ALONG the very bottom of basement wall/floor.

Most of those cracks and other exterior openings are NOT, repeat not visible when one ‘inspects’ the INSIDE of the basement wall, nope. But they sure as a steaming pile of all-American bullshtt exist on the outside of the wall, got that?

That means, over the 30++ years my old azz has been in business quite a few home inspectors, city inspectors, realtors, plumbers, landscapers and of course just about all interior basement system companies have been MIS-------DIAGNOSING many homeowners actual-existing problems, yeppers!!

Got milk?

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