Basement sump pump connected to Septic

got another first one the other day.
Is it ok to connect a sump pump discharge to a septic system?
thanks, pb

Typically it depends on the municipality.

I generally recommend re-routing to exterior and the use of a check valve (if there’s not one already).

It is not allowed in Missouri, including french drains. The system is only designed to handle so much water. Adding rain falls will overwhelm most systems.

What Jim said. It might be “allowed” where you are at, but it’s a terrible idea.

Plumbing: Sump pump into sewage system
LOCATION(S): Crawlspace.
**Sump pump routed into sewage system. Not a recommended practice. **Septic systems are simple bio-reactors. If you pump too much water into them, that dilutes the micro-organisms and slows down their activity. Too much water too fast also flushes the “solids” into your weeping system, clogging it (costly). Recommend corrective action by rerouting discharge to the exterior grounds well away from the structure.

Joshua~ You definetly are on the mark. We can use french drains as long as pop ups are used with them.