Basement Waterproofing, Detroit MI

Here we are in Indian Village, brick walls, lots of efflorescence on inside wall in this-area. NO, not one, not any interior basement system and sump pump would STOP further water, salts from entering the exterior openings, will NOT stop further efflorescence etc.

Exterior gaps around service lines entering foundation wall.

Exterior gaps below grade underneath window sills.

Absolute garbage as backfill, bricks, concrete, clay.

And yes, someone previously applied tar ‘only’, loool, that’s NOT enough, will not LAST!

Need to apply hydraulic cement FIRST, then the stupid tar/mastic, then visqueen etc… then backfill with all-most gravel!

Another look at the CRAP that was used as backfill

Another POINT that some do not ‘get’… yet they continue to open their jibs to homeowners on SUPPOSED solutions for leaky basements or efflorescence/mold basement walls and THAT is, some frickin actually tell homeowners they can solve leaky basements, efflorescence etc by raising and sloping the grade or, filling in low spots in the yard, looool!!! ABSOLUTE incompetence! WATCH the video nimrods. I think some need to get their azz’z in the hole, dig, get a real good close up feel, view and SNIFF of what this shtt is really like.