"Basement WATERPROOFING from inside"

Would recommend to any potential buyer to, NOT buy any home that has something like this installed.

No, this is NOT ‘waterproofing’ a basement. At best this is water diverting because the water is still entering. The problems, exterior cracks in the basement walls etc were not repaired/waterproofed on the outside. If you don’t ELIMINATE the cause, if you don’t STOP the water then you won’t stop/prevent MOLD, efflorescence etc.

:30… dimpled membrane on inside walls. All this does is hide/conceal water, mold, efflorescence,cracks etc.

What a great SELLING point huh, folks, if you buy this house you’ll hve water entering the basement but most of it will likely be hidden (dimpled membrane) and at some point mold may begin growing on the basement walls behind the membrane, but you won’t see it loool plus, if one or more cracks occur in the walls the membrane will hide that for you too.

“Experts agree on one thing, if you’ve got mold you need to get rid of it. More IMPORTANTLY, you need to eliminate the CAUSE. We say, find the moisture, ELIMINATE the moisture, clean up the mold…just cleaning up the mold is NOT enough, you MUST find the water source and ELIMINATE it”
And so again, installing an interior basement system as in video, and placing a membrane etc on the inside walls does not ELIMINATE the moisture and these interior system co’s either don’t know how to or, don’r care to FIND the cause(s), exterior cracks etc and they certainly don’t repair/waterproof them.

An interior basement system and sump was installed here and the basement walls were recently painted, look at the wall… and imagine what it’ll look like in a handful of months because, the water is still entering into the hollow-blocks on the outside, through exterior cracks and other exterior openings that the interior system company didn’t find, didn’t waterproof… http://picasaweb.google.com/101049034584960315932/BasementWaterproofing30#5443600829164134786
Had this company installed a DIMPLED MEMBRANE then we wouldn’t see any mold, efflorescence, paint peeling etc

Same thing in this basement, an interior system was installed… did IT… stop the water from entering? Did IT, stop-prevent further mold, efflorescence? Nope. http://picasaweb.google.com/101049034584960315932/BasementWaterproofing41#5468582101866077970
Had the interior company installed a dimpled membrane etc then you would not see the problems and just because one doesn’t see mold, efflorescence, cracks widening does not ever mean these problems/defects don’t exist.

And placing a dimpled membrane etc on part or most of the inside foundation wall will HIDE the following defects

Will hide deteriorated blocks, bottom course…
Slapping some mortar on the inside of the blocks and then painting them or covering them with a membrane of any type doesn’t fix/waterproof THAT CRACK, that deterioration that is on the outside!!!

And the outside will look something like this photo, the true condition of the wall that NO interior system repairs!
See the exterior cracks? See the horizontal crack down low?
THINK… hmmmm, how would installing ANY interior basement system and sump pump stop further water from entering any of these exterior cracks?
How would installing an interior system and carbon fiber straps or wall anchors stop further water from entering?
Please explain to me exactly how any wall anchors, carbon straps etc would lesson, reduce,remove ANY exterior weight, any lateral soil pressure off the wall? They don’t, they never have and never will with interior junk.

And here we have the everlasting stock market manipulation, illegal short selling etc…TRILLIONS of dollars being fleeced from the American public by Wall Street

Same crap as foundation repair companies and same as the interior system bubbleheads… few try and do anything about it etc, scammers get rich and it does appear as though most Americans don’t care or don’t want to take the time and try and understand so that fair and legal changes could be made, seems more are worried about what the new I pad will have etc

I told ya already there is only one sure fire way from the inside!! :mrgreen:



amazing some poor folks actually bought and used that crap!

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