Basement waterproofing methods by Angie Hicks
Eh Angie, you want the entire truth on this subject or not? #-o
Called Angie’s List about the article lol, was tossed around to 3 peeps until they forced me to leave a message, LOL!
Just like the BBB, same crap.

Where it says, Exterior Solutions…
can see quite a few homeowners who may read this 'n scratch their noggin’s and think, no way can we have exterior waterproofing done, too expensive.
She claims, the AVERAGE excavation, exterior waterproofing job costs $20,000-$30,000. LooolOlOlll
Angie, where ya get those numbers? From 1 or more interior system companies? Prolly.

Let’s see, 36 yrs doing this sht, the most I had to charge a homeowner to go all the way around was $12,000 ish and that was very close to Lake St Clair in GPW and about 6 1/2 to 7’ deep, not a shorty. Also had pavers in back, some bushes in front.

in part she writes, interior drainage systems START at $2,0000 :-k. <<------

Well helllooo, since many homeowners do NOT need exterior waterproofing all the way around then WHY couldn’t she write, say something like she did for INTERIOR systems such as…
Exterior waterproofing STARTS at $1,000 :-k. <<<<-------------------------

That’s right, around $1,000…as quite a few homeowners ONLY have 1 area, 1 crack and depending on whats in the way and how deep, that kind of job starts around $1,000.

The BBB pulls this kind of crap too.

Eh, if a porch/footing has to come out because its causing cracks, leaks, bowed wall then it has to come out, hello! Like here…
some footings need to be removed in order to get–to, seal DUH crack(s).
80’ + done for $7,000 ish. So IF they want or need the REST done, which is about 35-40’ then NOW, years later, add another $3,500-$4,000 which ummm equals $11,500–$12,000.
Pretty much an AVERAGE size home versus what she claims, $20,000-30,000…where, in N York?

Those using equipment should be able to ‘do it’ for LESS, that’s right.
They can do more footage in less time and have less labor costs.

Stremersch Waterproofing did almost all of his BY HAND, same way…same with Capizzo Construction and quite a few others around here, all by hand.

Angie Hicks, lol, some of us HAND DIG, jesus, I think Steve does some or most of his exterior work by hand, correct me Steve if I’m wrong there

Article…interior solutions…says, such a system (interior) should include a VAPOR BARRIER to protect against CONDENSATION.
Really? To protect or…possibly CAUSE condensation. Help Bubba wif that please.

Angie/'Stones… Angie, Angie…when will those inside system companies disappear?