Leaky basement, chimney, driveway right up against house AND she caulked along perimeter

… and kept leaking, concrete or mudjacking is NOT a solution to exterior cracks etc in basement walls but keep going, keep playing, keep trying. She recently bought the place, not disclosed

and she had several INT drainage system scammers over who wanted big $$$ that would have allowed the water to continue to enter = stupid, really is

hyd cement, then thick roofing cement/mastic, visqueen then backfilled with all gravel

water gets under driveways, under patios, pavers etc sheesh man lol



Marko: So how do we fix this?
Homeowner: Dig it up?
Marko: No, silly, just add more asphalt!

So close yet so far…

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saw this before, HILLARIOUS!!! Thank you for putting it up here Mike lolllll

dumb… and dumber indeed

Hey Mike, apparently some here don’t see the humor and lolol don’t see/know how to identify–determine why basements leak, got milk? By the way, how’s your basement doing these days?

Not one issue since that summer of '18. Validation of your methods I would say.

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Good for you Mike! You did all the butt busting work and if i remember correctly you saved some cash $ too versus, had you hired an interior drainage system moron?

Yeah exterior waterproofing needs to be done correctly or or won’t last as long as it could.

One example video here, job we did. It was done previously but they didn’t use hydraulic cement in-over the cracks and they backfilled with ALL the same clay soil = won’t last long, hence some think and then tell others, ‘Oh we had exterior waterproofing done and it didn’t work’. Gotta apply all the right STUFF on wall/crack and gotta backfill with most, all gravel but as we have seen here, some who dig and do some ext-waterproofing do a half azzed job

another example