Here's a homeowner diy basement waterproofing

Eh chumps out there, eyeball this guy and his hard work and determination… shtt, if one guy can do this, why can’t the little sissy inside system co’s?

Couple things I’d have explained to this guy, caption under video says he’s doing the work to seal ‘A’ crack so…if he/anyone else only has one crack in a poured wall and the wall is not bowing in then, all he needed TA do was dig the area where that lone crack is, yep.

And will say again, placing soil next-to an open trench could CAUSE a cave-in, yeppppp.

Hoffman architects, waterproofing challenges
-Damproofing demystified
-Damproofing is not a substitute for waterproofing
-Injections at interior surfaces
-Contractor negligence

Would YOU hire her to cut yer GRASS… huh? Got Milk? #-o#-o