Window wells, leaks etc

Need to have the same thought-process, not assume a plastic bubble keeps all water out of a window well, nor a drain (drain tile) inside the dumb azz window well.
Short video, a TWO part problem…

First part of video, they show x-amount of water that was inside duh well.
Water will still get INTO the well BELOW/around/underneath the well, whether one has a plastic bubble cover or not, c’mon.

1:25 inside the basement, window well area.
Some water is entering through the window itself or through 1+ openings on the edges of window/glass block and-or through the dumb vent or, the sill…
need to run a water test to determine which and then fix/repair etc those.
PLUS, someone patched over a crack in the wall so, IF… that is leaking then the crack needs to be waterproofed, outside, hand dug…like this… click any photo to enlarge the photo

Short video, standing water in window well…pffftttt

This happens a lot, window is below grade, dumb design.
Plus, the grade is up–against UNPROTECTED bricks and mortar joints, about 4 or 5 courses, not good. At some point, some of the bricks or mortar joints will deteriorate and when they do, water will begin to enter the basement.
:45… ‘standing water creates hydrostatic pressure on concrete walls…’ lololllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Hey, the RAISED grade, the added soil, is what is adding more weight/pressure against the wall!!!
The standing water IN the window well is buslllhttt, that isn’t going to cause a wall to bow in! C’mon!!!
That water in the well, is only in the well, against the dumb basement window, fool!

If there are no openings in/around that window or in, under the sill etc then, no water will get in!
Right right right, rather not have that water sitting against the window so again, bad design and, they should have backfilled with all GRAVEL so that…no water would sit/stand inside the dumb azz window well!!!@@^%%

How to (supposedly) fix a flooding basement window well, he says IT was flooding the basement

He says, it, the window ell was flooding the basement so, IF that was the only problem(area) then, THAT is all that needed to be fixed/waterproofed but they installed an interior system and sump and other bulsshtt. $$$$$$

Thought-process wrong again/incompetent OR, just another lying scamming sob, yep, one or the other.

How about the shtt on the basement walls.

In first part of video, he is running the water/hose, BELOW the window itself, so that water is not hitting/soaking the actual window, nor the sill etc so, IF… the water was only entering through the window OR under the sill then, THAT is all that needed to be repaired/sealed.

Of course water isn’t going to get in the basement if/when the only problem is the window or sill and your NOT soaking/wetting either one%!!!!@@##^&#

That is was should have been done in the first place, run a water test BELOW the window and below the sill, see if water enters. If it does then there is a crack etc in the basement wall in THAT area, waterproof that area… you don’t install an interior system and sump pump, morons!!!

Then you take the hose and run water against the sill and then against the window itself… and see if water enters.
If it does then THAT is part of the problem, is why and where water is entering the basement.

Here’s…Larry! Says he is a basement waterproofing expert, right???
From Basement systems and LISTEN closely on what he says and recommends FIRST to do about leaking windows, window wells.

He says to, ’ Establish a drain and then put a HOLE in the WALL and allow the water to come in and go down into an interior basement system!!!


Does Uncle Bubba have this right, loollll, a supposed self proclaimed basement waterproofing expert who installs interior basement systems, says/recommends to unknowing homeowners who have or may have 1 or more leaky basement windows to, FIRST… think about hiring them to put a hole in the basement wall and install an interior system so that the water entering through or around/above/under a window comes, inside.

If a stupid basement window leaks then, seal/caulk/repair or replace the dumb window! Umm, costs a lot LESS than hiring Larry etc to put a HOLE in the basement wall and installing an interior system.

If there’s 1+ more openings AROUND a window or water is coming in through a cracked/deteriorated window–sill or, through gaps under the window sill then… THAT is what needs to be repaired/sealed/replaced. Would cost a lot LESS than what he brings up FIRST… a hole in wall and an interior system, pftttt, c’mon!!!

Why would any supposed—honest-----expert even bring THAT up, recommend THAT to any homeowner?