BCam to Video recorder

I currently can connect to my laptop to view a live video, but not to a recorder.

Does anyone know of a method to connect the Flir BCam to a video recorder or other type of device?

One idea for ya.

Windows Movie Maker

I use an Aiptex DZO-VS8 handheld DVR. Works great I got it from Circuit City for about 100 bucks.

Can’t find it.
Do you have the correct make and model number?

Yoy need a video recorder with an input jack. the better ones have this.



There are programs out there like this one, that will record anything on your computer screen.
So run the video feed from your BCAM into your computer and then record it at the same time.


Peter try this. Sorry for the misspelling



Thanks John, but I do that now at home, as a trial.
Carrying a laptop or tablet pc connected to the bcam was an idea, but the whole setup is too bulky.
Any other proven methods would be helpful.

Chuck, I check the Aiptek DZO-V58, does it have a usb port so I can connect the bcam to it. I did not find this. Plus the video format is mpeg 4. Are you acually using the Aiptek DZO-V58 to record video from the BCAM SD?
Thanks, Peter

I actually record from my Flir E-45 it has a RCA video out jack on it. The Aiptek has a video in jack on it. I plug the two together and it records what the camera see in mpeg4. I transfer that to a CD and give it to my clients.

Chuck Lambert