Beautiful Blond Hair, Long Sexy Legs, and a Body Made To Ride!

This is one hot momma!!! Almost like a female Fabio.

I learned after taking these pictures that Horse thermography just isn’t for me. Houses don’t try and kick me, bite me, nudge me, step on me, make me feel intimidated, and most importantly houses stay still when I’m trying to take their picture.

Best of luck to you horse thermographers :mrgreen:







IR_0027 (2).jpg

Geez Brandon …

It was written all over her face.

“Take Me Big Boy, I’m Yours”

OK…Is this horse gonna race?

Why do you ask if the horse is going to race? Is there something wrong with it? I don’t know much about horses so I’m just curious if you see something wrong with it?

I found the horse in a field just down the road from my house. I doubt it’s a race horse however it did race up to the fence to be scratched once I pulled up. It lives with a llama, a reindeer and some crazy looking emu/big-bird lookin thing.

Does a FLIR B400 meet the specifications of providing a quality horse inspection?





The B400 at 320x240 is just about the lowest resolution you would want to go with equine IR. If you are not absolutely comfortable working with and /or around horses it is not something to just try. They can sense your nervousness or fear and will react accordingly. But then there are horses that would just as soon kill you as look at you. We had an Appy stallion that was the nicest horse around but completely changed personality when the breeding halter went on. He knew it was time for business and heaven help you if you got in the way.

A 320x240 resolution is what we recommend as well…A wide angle lens makes it that much easier as well.

For those interested…

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