Benevolent injury or illness fund

For those of us that have always felt that it would be a great idea if National inspectors organizations like Inachi, Ashi or NAHI or local state or others had a voluntary contribution fund for the benefit of the membership who experienced injury, there is good news. It is apparently possible, since FABI has done it. I would support such a move by this organization as well.

I’m interested as well. It would have been usefull when Gerry Beaumont passed away!

Isn’t that what disability insurance is for? Or life insurance in the case of Gerry B?

The point with Gerry I believe, is that there was no family locally to take care of expenses. I’m not totally familiar with the logistics, but i believe concerned individuals wanted to help get him back to his family in another country that did not have financial means to recover their son.

Disability insurance is great for those that have it —but — I think the point of this post is to potentially help inspectors that may find themselves in need. In a perfect world everyone would have all their bases covered, but in the real world that is seldom the case.

It is on our agenda for our January meeting (day 2). Affectionately titled “Nachi Nickels”. John and I have experience with this type of fund and hope to find a way to bring it to Inter-Nachi. :wink:

The profession had no problem with honoring Gerry’s life, folks who knew him rose to the occasion.

The thought here was more about injured inspectors. The current plan would be for participants to donate via reoccurring payment(yearly or monthly) to a fund that could then be used to help other inspectors.

A committee would decide who and how much would be given out. The hope would be to build the fund year after year, never spending more than 50% of the balance. The fund should grow every year.

If an inspector is injured or needs some other help, they could apply and the committee would help based on fund balance, need and previous disbursements.

Joe being a newcomer and seeing how this community rose to Honor Jerry was truly remarkable.