InterNACHI 4 Point O Charity Corp charitable org registration approved.

Great. Keep us in the loop on what all it is about and such.

Also let us know what exactally it can do for the clients.


I think InterNACHI members in FL. now have to donate all of their revenue from 4 points. Membership has its privileges.:stuck_out_tongue:

what is it?

Months ago someone came up with the idea.

Some thought it was a joke.

It apparently has become something.

I am sure there are a ton of folks that could use the help.

I see folks getting tossed out of their houses not because of mortgages but because their insurance has tripled.

The got a fixed rate mortgage, never missed a payment and still because of insurance hikes they cannot afford to keep their homes.

I would like to see some kind of real insurance co op type of thing for the citizens of Florida.

I think it could be done if the actual insurance group paid for the repairs and sought the best price instead of just tossing out benjamins.

The insurance companies have a contract with the homeowner (it’s called a policy) and they are not in the construction business. Having insurance companies picking winners and losers in the repair business leads to corruption (just look at the federal government). It is the homeowner who gets to choose who he/she wants to do the repairs on** their** home.
It works the same with 203K loans. One moment you are complaining that inspectors are helping the insurance companies screw the homeowner and now you want them to do it on a grand scale.

All wrong as usual.

I just think a private company could provide affordable insurance if they paid attention and were in charge of everything.

Bid the repairs like any smart biz does and pick the best choice. The crap and waste they do now obviously does not work.

That is not the way it is done now.

I have heard of religious groups taking control of their health insurance requirements and based on the rules they make their clients pay less.

The residents of Florida need to do something like that to protect themselves from the the crooks at Citizens and the OIR which definitely should be shut down due to conflict of interest.

Citizens and the OIR are in bed and it is straight up wrong.

If you do not see it just give up because I can only bring a horse to water. I cannot make one drink.

Obviously, I don’t know the details of this but we already have a 4-Point Charity:

Free Wind Mit, Free 4-Point, Free Roof Certification, Free WDO with Home Inspection…$199. Licensed and Qualified Home Inspector. Over 120 hours of training! Member in good standing of ActiveRain, Servicemagic, Angie’s List, Zillow, and three other pay to play professional organizations. National company headquartered in Bumfart, FL is seeking highly qualified home inspectors to join our team in New Orleans, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and Denver. Our explosive growth is fueled by our industry leading website offering homeowners and insurance carriers one-click scheduling, best in class service by choosing the report you need with our unique software that lets you choose the pictures and narratives. In a hurry - build your report online by choosing Virtual Inspector - an amazing time saving offer at $99.99. enter the address and select google earth for birdseye view of roof or street view for the cover page. Drag and drop pics of the inspector into the report. choose from our catalog of wind mitigation features and pay for the image selected; clips $6.95 or double straps at $10.95. With the Virtual Inspector you will never have a claim for personal injury to worry about which is why we don’t carry insurance of any kind - this saves you and your customer money.

Is the 4-Point Charity something like this? Just kidding.

Does this mean if you perform a 4 pt for a hard case at a discount or free it’s tax deductible?

Don’t be a putz. Who is the insurance company going to hire? Why, the lowest bidder of course! Is the lowest bidder going to take short cuts in areas which will be covered up and nobody can see so that he can make a bigger profit? Well DUH! And you the home owner have no recourse because it is the insurance company who is in control and you have no say in the matter.
Your example of the health insurance by religious groups is pure BS. The individuals are still in charge of their healthcare. They still choose which doctor they want to go to and are not obliged to use the doctor that the insurer tells them to. Their premiums can fluctuate depending on how much the company has to pay out each month. In fact nobody is 100% certain what their premium is because if they run short then everyone has to pay more.
So it’s not so much leading a horse to water, but more like, you can show a drywall contractor/home inspector reality, but you can make him think.

Talk about being a putz.

I think you mean a Stucco / General Contractor / Home Inspector.

Their needs to be a change. It CANNOT be done by the current insurance companies it must be done by some sort of NON PROFIT co op that looks out for their members.

As in most things you straight up missed the point. I never said that an insurance company would be involved.

You never stray outside of that box do you?

Baaaaaaaaaaaaa Ba Ba Ba.

Thank you for stepping up to the plate. This could turn into the largest snowball Coloardo has ever seen. All in…

And this Non Profit Co-Op is going to be funded by its members. And who in the co-op is going to be in charge of who, what and when stuff is going to be done? You have no problem with letting others decide what is best for you and yet whenever another person writes something you don’t like you whine like a jet engine about to take off. You are the first one against regulation of home inspectors, who do you think is going to regulate the Co-OP acting as an insurance company? Why, it will be none other than the OIR. There are many non-profit insurance companies in Florida and they still operate according to Florida law which means that they issue the check and if the check is greater than a certain amount and you have a mortgage it gets sent to the mortgage company. If you own the house (ie: paid off the mortgage, paid cash or was gifted it) the check is sent to you. My home sustained damage when a tornado hit it during hurricane Charley. We had to move out for 8 months while we rebuilt. Nobody, and I mean nobody was going to tell me what fixtures I was allowed to purchase, what work was going to be done by anyone, or what timeline to use. It was my choice and mine alone. I took out a $50,000 equity loan and did some additions at the same time. This is still a free country and it is my home, my choices and my responsibility. You try take it away from me you better be armed because I will fight you tooth and nail. This is the land of the free, not the enslaved. You want others to be in charge of your life, go to Cuba or any other communist/fascist country. In fact let me know which communist/fascist country you want to live in and I will buy you a one way ticket. That way we all win.

You are off your rocker.
Nobody would be forced to join. We were forced to get licenses if we wanted to continue doing home inspections.

I believe a group of people could come up with their own ideas and rules and the OIR could not say crap.

It could be a business deal with individuals.

The point is the current situation sucks and Citizens sucks and the OIR does nothing to regulate Citizens and it seems to me that citizens dictates what the OIR is to do.

You are just another sheep that follows along towing the company line and agreeing with whatever is the most common responses to any given idea.

I doubt you have ever had a unique idea or thought differently than most others in your life.

You are in the BOX and will never stray. Enjoy it.

This sounds like Pro Bono 4points for the poor, no?

If there is a need we do them on a case by case basis.

Mighty nice of you :slight_smile:

Mike, I know you don’t like it when others disagree with your ideas, I’m not the one stuck in the rut. I am the one trying to get you to pull your head out of the sand and face reality. This state has laws and statutes which have to be adhered to if you want to live in society. The alternative is do what you want and break the law but don’t whine and cry when you occupy a cell and become someones boy-toy.

don’t whine and cry when you occupy a cell and become someones boy-toy.

Aubrey, did you ever work on the TV series, “Scared Straight”? LMAO.