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What do you mean the cover is not proper…
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I guess when a previous inspector called for splashblocks at all downspouts, they took him literally…
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Sellers used the main support pillar to chain up the dog! Almost had it worn all the way through.:shock:

Here is a fine example of home owner wiring .:shock:
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This sump pump discharged into a floor drain that drained back into the sump pit… and they wondered why the basement kept flooding!!!:roll:

How about we add some additional outlets
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This window was actually held in with great stuff (thats the name brand of the spray foam product). I’m not so sure its that great…I’m pretty sure its not even great enough to repell water or stop pests from chewing trough…Not to mention the only egress for a childs bed room area.
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How about this for a DIY repair job
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The picture says it all…
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This was the rusted flue pipe on an oil fired boiler from last week. Boiler was in active service.
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Where’s the rec

Roof is in mint condition
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Just use spray foam, that will hold it together.
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This Poll will run for only 12 days.

I will run a December Nomination at the same time for those that wish to participate in the last Month.

December 10th is the last day for Nominations for any Award.

Hope it has been a good year for all. :):smiley:

Please Vote, we don’t even have votes from all the Posters.

I wonder what is happening with our NACHI members .
13 pictures and only 10 votes .
many of them could be from the awards committee members .

More support from the membership would put a big smile on my face .

sad cat.jpg

Pretty sad at the moment Roy.

Don’t look like and Award winning proposition right now, does it.?

nope…I always vote, but many times its for someone elses defect…Some of those deep southern engineering feats are pretty awesome. No offense guys south of the mason dixie line, I’ve seen some of us yankees really crud things up too…




Thanks for Voting guys, hope it continues. :slight_smile:

Not my photo. Posted for entertainment value.

Looks like #10 is being favored.

Any more votes?:slight_smile:

That one :slight_smile:

I think you meant #8 it has 10 votes??? Roy

Thanks, I am French, so read it backwards, so that would mean that the 10 was right, just not accurate. :mrgreen:

#8 with 10 votes, do we have 20 votes?:slight_smile:

OK you’re there!

Really, how do you go into the house? Thats awesome!

All defects photos are incredible. I voted #8.

I am just glad to see the vote count go up from previous months.

Must be the Holiday thought coming out. ;):slight_smile:


It could be all the effort you contributed to get more participation. Good Job

Love you guys your votes show us some like what we are doing .
Thanks big time … Roy

Hurry, Hurry, get your Votes in, only 1-1/2 hour before the Poll Closes.

Thank you to all that have participated. :):smiley:

The December Poll will be announced shortly after this Poll closes.