Post Your Best Defect Picture for November

Post your best Picture here for November.

One or two Pictures to describe the Defect per Member.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

What do you mean the cover is not proper…

Now that is comical.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I guess when a previous inspector called for splashblocks at all downspouts, they took him literally… :shock:


Cute real cute what a great start two good ones |Thanks … Roy

Comical Defects alright. :slight_smile:

Sellers used the main support pillar to chain up the dog! Almost had it worn all the way through.:shock:

Here is a fine example of home owner wiring .:shock:

Hard to get good photo of label, It says to install TPR valve here.:roll:

water heater..jpg

just below tag on water heater..jpg

This sump pump discharged into a floor drain that drained back into the sump pit… and they wondered why the basement kept flooding!!!:roll:

Or this one- 2 A/C condensers where stolen from this foreclosure!:shock:

How about we add some additional outlets

Marcel…you got my vote this month…awesome…lol…

Did they cut the openings with left handed scissors?

This window was actually held in with great stuff (thats the name brand of the spray foam product). I’m not so sure its that great…I’m pretty sure its not even great enough to repell water or stop pests from chewing trough…Not to mention the only egress for a childs bed room area.:shock:

great stuff window.JPG

How about this for a DIY repair job

The picture says it all…

This was the rusted flue pipe on an oil fired boiler from last week. Boiler was in active service.



Nice pics guys, keep it up. :):smiley:

Amazing pictures guys! I think my favorite so far is the post that had the owner’s dog chained to it,

Any more good Inspection Pics for the Poll Coming Up for November?:slight_smile: