Best electrical defect...

Looking for the first ten best electrical defect photos… and not just some common double taps if you know what I mean.
I want some crazy stuff!!! :smiley:

Bird feeder booby trap

Here’s a couple I think I submitted a while back when this first got started…

Here’s my favorite one from a foundation crawl space:




I liked this find that I ran into a couple years ago…

Thank you Chuck, Mark, Russel, and Dave!

Here’s another. In use cover:

Well… It appears to be effective, if not properly rated… :smiley:

That’s awesome Robert!
Thanks for sharing it!

I’ll share this breaker assortment with you.

This is not really a defect but it does affect the amount of use the switch will get.


LOL… That’s just wrong…

Electrical wire going in to the house through the waste line. It was sealed around it with caulk.


Well,…as long as it was sealed with caulk…:p…LOL…:lol:…LOL…a lot of work goes into doing it wrong.:roll:

Some good pics, guys.

Wow - where do I begin???
Picture 1 - The service neutral was broken - As Paul Abernathy has said “One of the true electrical emergencies”.
Picture 2 - Not mine, but submitted for your amusement.
Picture 3 - An open junction box with live exposed wires in a childrens play area.
Picture 4 - A trusty “NeverBlow” pipe fuse.
Picture 5 - SEC wrapped around an AC unit (which was not grounded).

Can’t make this stuff up LOL - :smiley:

live wire copy.JPG

elec geniuses copy.JPG

sec on ac 1 copy.JPG

pipe fuse copy.JPG


Pic 2 is a staged photo that has been on the web for years. It’s from Europe.

Amusing yes, real, no. :wink:

I know - but it still makes me laugh! :smiley:

That’s funny!!!

Thanks guys!

Keep 'em coming!

I can only use INACHI member photos for the final poll but I really appreciate everyone’s posts so far! Some great “defects”