Best/funniest defects

It was working at the time of inspection.

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Well I guess that might get the water away from the foundation…

Here’s one from today. This glass has no watermark for tempered. Very dangerous location/size

LOL, Lukasz… … …

Bath fan vented in to sewer vent:


wow, good catch

That’s in case you can’t generate enough aroma by yourself!

This is one of my favorites. This house was a flip and whoever did it didn’t have a clue about basic framing.! Oddly, I’ve seen this more than once!

probably put that way so they didn’t have to get on a ladder to change the light bulb


Ha, I had pretty much the exact same thing just yesterday. Although, at least mine would hold water! :crazy_face:

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Lol, traps built for speed.

All you can eat buffet…

Funky drain configurations must be a theme this week…


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One bite WILL be all they can eat… haha
they may need more than just mouse traps…

I find that pvc mod ugly yet clever. They don’t make many transition fittings for gutters

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