Home Gauge Report Software?

I am new to the home inspection service and looking for reviews or recommendations for report software. I see home gauge seems to be one that is talked about regularly, can anyone give me pro’s or cons on it? Thanks.

Google ‘report software nachi.org’ & have fun. Hope you’re not busy today, or for the weekend. :smiley:

We use and have been quite happy with home gauge

Will do, thanks.

Thanks for the input.

We use Home Inspector Pro, it is apple friendly and the newest update just came out. Both offer free trials, you may want to take them for a test drive and decide which suits you best.

Test drive both and see which seems most intuitive to You. They’re both good. It’s really a personal thing. I personally use Homegauge, but if you’re an Apple fan, HIP would be better for you. IMHO

Not sure how anyone can try the NEW HIP 5 and use anything else .Everyone is loving it .

What’s new with Home Inspector Pro 5?

Automatically link graphics with narratives and save time by not having to search through your library to find where you saved that “TPR Valve” diagram.

Get more referrals from agents by helping them generate a Reference Addendum via the new Home Inspector Pro / ISN addendum generation tool.

Create an even better-looking report with our new Cover Page Designer. Move and fully customize your text, insert shading, boxes, and combine with digital stationery to create a marketing masterpiece.

Include external documents using our new PDF Insertion tool. You can insert PDF’s before the cover page, within the report or at the end. This even works with HTML reports!

Start integrating with HomeBinder with our new integration tool. If you’re not using HomeBinder check it out HERE and use Affiliate Code HomeInspectorPro for a free trial and receive a $60 Home Depot or Amazon gift card.

and much more! View full details at https://goo.gl/HuS1Qk . HIP 5.1 isn’t far behind with even more updates!

Nice copy n paste… got any original content to add?

The only software that I have used is HomeGauge with the HG Service so I can’t say they are better than other software company. What I can say is that HomeGage feature are great and it makes my job easy and less time consuming so that I can focus on more field time. I schedule appointment, send out pre inspect agreement and customer log in to view and sign electronically. Send out reminders of appointment to customer and realtor as well, with a simple push of a button. I upload report customers can view. Take payments and many other wonderful features.The customer support is also one of the reason I chose them, they are nice, helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. I would definitely try them out. Although they only give you 30 trial I called them when trial period was over and they gave me additional 30 days.

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