Not sure what I'm looking at for roof material type

I’m having a bit of trouble identifying what kind of roofing materials I’m looking at for my most recent inspection.

It looks like it is roll roofing material with a white coating, but there are several holes present that when I look in the hole I can see foam. Could it be possible that it had a foam roof that had roll roofing installed over it at some point?

I’m used to seeing a lot of concrete tiles around here and this one has me confused when trying to identify it. Here’s a pic that shows the style of roof:


Spray foam roofing.


Thank you, I think the main thing that threw me off was the granules on top. Now I see that they can be added.

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You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@jfudge nailed it. Quite common in dry climates, very suseptible to hail damage though. Inspecting regularly is needed.


From Junior’s link:

"Once an SPF roof is installed, it requires minimal preventative maintenance and repair. If properly maintained, your SPF roof can last over 50 years."