Finished leaky basement, mold on drywall

in particular, eyeball what’s OPEN on the EXTERIOR at 1:00 mark

so just like many other leaky basements, had homeowner believed the interior system drainage morons and hired them instead of us, they’d
a) have spent MUCH more money
b) would still be getting water in basement and have more mold

Brown City, block walls… some homeowners may just have some openings/gaps along–above grade, some may be around, under a basement window or the window itself, as shown in video and other homeowners can have these problems around basement windows where water is first getting in AND have 1 or more exterior cracks in their block wall

Telling homeowners with leaky basements to just add soil, raise n slope the grade and NOT find/determine/identify how-where the water is getting is, friggin stOOOOpid


great video, thanks for share

Mark, we’re not bozos, just :monkey: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: night night :sunglasses: