'Water spouts through block wall into purpose built trench cut into concrete slab'

lolloooooll same old crap. Block basement wall, and they slapped some paint on it too

Water penetration through block walls can weaken the walls, can deteriorate the blocks you morons

Here’s another block wall, homeowner had 2 other companies over, both told homeowner he needs an interior basement drainage system… nothing else.

Both ‘system’ companies wanted over $5,000 for this 1 wall

There ARE several exterior cracks in the block wall which is why–where much of the water is entering and some water is entering because there are ext-openings around basement windows etc ABOVE the wall, my quote was also over $5,000

Some of the differences are, exterior waterproofing and taking care of the ABOVE grade openings will STOP the water which would then stop the mold, efflorescence etc versus the INT drainage system will not!! Hllll no.

And exterior we’d need to hand dig 6 1/2’ DEEP by 40 linear ft and cut 6" deep concrete slab at back door and move a central air unit plus city permit VERSUS the INT jokers would dig maybe 1’ DEEP (versus 6 1/2’ ???) would not have to pay 300–$400 to move the AC.

So i’d need 8 guys plus my old azz to do this job in 1 day, LOTS $$$ labor plus the cost of materials to waterproof the wall correctly and haul in approx 12 yards of gravel $$$$and have all that clay soil, roots etc away $$$ … much much more money goes to the JOB n not in our pockets versus the INT system chumppppers spending much LESS $$$ on materials and much less in labor so much more goes in pocket of system-owner… you multiple that extra cash system owners get aka rip off TIMES 200–300 + jobs a year so that gives them much more $ money to continue their advertising assault aka rip off of homeowners and pretty often these terds don’t spend $$ on pulling permits

Engineering firm, “We believe chronic, long term water PENETRATION THROUGH exterior wall led to extensive deterioration and crumbling of at least one course of BLOCK… the disintegrating BLOCK gave way…”

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