Brand new FLUKE TIR32 for $6000.00

What Brandon, Charley and myself were talking about is the fact that cheaper cameras cause the cost of service to go down. The lower the start up cost the easier it is for people to enter the business. Personally I wish cameras were still 50k and training was 15k.

It is the same reason that excavators have one of the lowest failure rates of any construction related industry.


Wishing for things to always remain the same never helped the dinosaur. This desire to keep prices higher is the exact reason people hate InterNACHI for creating education choices for inspectors that blow the competition out of the water. It’s kinda like being a local retailer and hoping Walmart does not come to your town. InterNACHI is taking over and becoming the educational provider of choice. Other HI schools and associations are going out of business because they are so far behind the services InterNACHI provides, they can no longer compete.

Resistance is futile.

Inspectors now a days need to adapt, learn more, offer more ancillary services and branch out into more services related to the entire building industry. It takes time and not everyone can spend the money needed up front. It sometimes needs to be done in stages so as to allow the business to pay for itself as it grows and acquires more specialized tools and services. In this economy, it is a tricky skill to not over spend in developing your growth capabilities, but at the same time making a profit as you spend money to grow. The more services you offer, the more business you attract, and your bundled package will help keep your prices higher.

Regarding Murray’s camera, our students can buy one new for just a little more than what he is asking for his used one. I doubt he can sell it for his asking price… IMHO.

Prices for IR cameras go lower each year, but those who get out there and market their reputation now will glean for years to come. Some are investing in their market so that they gain the reputation as the local expert in their field of IR, while others keep waiting for the price of IR cameras to go down. Some are already loosing business, as their local competition profits from the growing demand for IR services, while they keep watching the train leave the station.

It is safer to get started on a budget, than to over spend, while your trying to feed your family. Doing nothing is not always the best move either. Most people fail, not because of their lack of skills, but because of a lack of marketing. Once you spend the money to get started in IR, you have to market your new services over a wide area. Each customer has to be educated and that has to be part of your business plan and budget as well. If you budget for just buying a camera and training, but don’t allow for marketing expenses, it will be hard to sell your new services and pay for the investment you made.

Hundreds have taken our IR Class and are now operating their thermal imaging business. We spend time talking in each class about how to make money with IR, as well as how to use the camera. We use examples of what others are doing in the field and ideas that are already proven to work. Most people need to make some profits right now, before they can consider buying a $10K camera. Many on this forum, who now own expensive cameras, had to work for a while with the original lower price camera they first purchased. I can remember when they first bought their original start-up IR camera and now rejoice that they have expanded their IR business. It is very common for most people to walk for a while before they can run.

Thanks Murry Yes guys i take the plunge and Bought Murry’s Fluke.
I just spent 800 on my flir calibration and repair, and battery

Damn if you didn’t I was going to…I already have one of these and they are good cameras and a TiR1…need one more for the mold inspections as a back up.

you have the tr132 and happy with it?


Since you have two cameras by different manufactures, you may want to consider getting reporting software that can work with both cameras to generate one report. I can set you up with a trial version of IRT Cronista which is a universal image analyzer and reporting software that is fully customizable. The software works with almost all the major brand imagers on the market. Reports are generated in a few mouse clicks using Microsoft Word.

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Well I like to thank Murray , Got the camera works Great! Crystal clear Images you guys missed a great deal

I know I know…

They agreed to a 10% discount on all Home Inspection electronics to INACHI members in good standing… They are a big supplier.
contact names: Joe Duvervil, Polo Lettieri
Tell them ROBERT YOUNG from MONTREAL-HOME-INSPECTION-SERVICES mentioned the discount in a conversation with Paolo and Joe 4 months back and it was agreed.
I told Nick.
John Mckenna ( hope I spelled his name right ) also said he had success.:slight_smile:
Also huge discounts on IR cameras Page. 30%. 15% in-house and 15% Fluke IR cameras.A 10,000 camera is now 6,999 and ad the tax to the 3000 dollars you save over $3400 dollars. This is big in my books of what nice to get and advance my business. They deliver all of North America. Ask about fee and duties and guarantee. Good luck. ROBERT YOUNG.
Primo Instrument Inc.
4407, rue Charleroi
Montreal-Nord, Québec
Canada H1H 1T6

         **Telephone:**   (514) 329-3242 

Toll free: (888)-774-6665
Fax: (514) 329-3750

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