Brick foundation wall cracked deteriorated parging

estimate, after calling me several times to please hurry up n get here 4 an estimate, no show lol

i called twice before leaving, no reply at all Phil Collins

you can see why this homeowner n many others have efflorescence on inside wall (s) and basement leaks (and sometimes mold on wall)

cracked deteriorating parging along and below grade (see next video) and deteriorated open mortar joints above grade

some would say, duh well just add soil lol, adding soil won’t fix-repair-waterproof-tuckpoint any of the problems n the basement will continue to leak

this house we did is 4 houses away from above house, hmmm, what was open-deteriorated along and above and below grade?

and this house with brick foundation wall, leaky basement and efflorescence n mold is 1 block away and this homeowner had same problems, cracked-deteriorated parging along and below grade


Professional WAFI will chime in with beer cans!


Good stuff, Mark!..Thanks.

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you R one fricken FUNNY G-dude, yes sir lol

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that’s fkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk gggggggggggg great!!!

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