Bringing remodel up to code

If a kitchen is remodeled, does the electric have to be brought up to code? This condo was built in 1973, back then they were not using GFCI outlets. Today it is code to have them in kitchens but they didn’t install them in the remodel. What is the best way to show this in y report

Did they do anything to the electric ?

During any future upgrading of the electrical system or for added safety, we recommend installing GFI and AFI outlets in all appropriate areas to further reduce shock and/or short hazards. Exterior outlets should be weather-protected types. Appliances with three prong plugs need to use a grounded outlet for proper safety.

It appears they replaced all the outlets in the kitchen from old white components to newer black ones

Recommend GFI’s and head to your next inspection.
Where are you located. You need to add that to your profile.

read the 2009 or 2012 EIRC. If they worked on that system then yes they have to bring it up to date,

Defined “worked”.

Right from the NEC:

I would still recommend and go .

As Robert posted the devices were required to be changed to GFI if they were changed, even if just for color, by the NEC.

I just wonder if a permit was issued.