Building department deleting records after 10 years

One of the local building departments has started deleting all permit records after 10 years. Because of this, any of their residents who replaced a roof in 2002, 2003 and 2004 can not get credit for the roof on a Wind Mit.

Anyone running into this elsewhere?

I have been seeing that for years.

Yep me to. John what do you do in that case if client has no paper permit?

I use any documentation I can. If they have a receipt it may work.

I guess it might work with the right underwriter on the right day and the fact that the city dumped all the records :slight_smile:

Had North Lauderdale today tell me they would not give the info out on the phone and there is nothing available online. You had to go there and even pay. First city like that I have found so far.