Building had many issues for a 1998

Portion of yesterday’s fiasco—:-&

And you needed the protimeter for what reason?:smiley:

No reason at all Bruce, he just wanted to show off his new tool, you know, he never had one before.

He is just getting into the new technology of things.

Marcel ;):):smiley:

Notice that Ford in the reflection, damn Dale is slick!! :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I borrow your protimeter? :margarit: :lol:

POS EIFS…:mad:


Brian found the Hustler Magazines stuffed in the register—::)))

Nice from far, but far from nice—:shock:

Were you able to tell if the drywall damage outdoors was curtainwall related, or roof related?

Hi Marc,

My opinion was rain water is doing a capillary “gig”; there was a gap between the sheetrock and the wall, allowing water to simply enter, it was like the photos around the entire building.

The ceiling tiles were a combination of refrigerant lines sweating, air handlers dripping, unsealed roof penetrations, sprinkler lines leaking…quite a lot of deferred everything.