buy more pumps when water is getting in around basement, egress windows?

2:00 she says sump pumps keep water away from the house? C’mon man
Yeah, remove the drywall etc and… what do you see, what have you found?
Sheesh, did you see water ONLY under-around the windows?
Any leaky rod holes?
Any cracks, leak?

If water was only getting in through, around, under 1+ window then you take your butt outside and dig the well down a little and you’ll find openings/gaps under, around the window ledge and seal 'n good, end of leak!

Sump pump doesn’t keep water away from your house, got dat?

DIY, interior basement water-diverting, it’s not waterproofing, nope. This guy, 'TYLER", caption under video… lol wants to disagree with me…ok!!!
This guy has what most have, exterior cracks, cracked parging or possibly no parging on the exterior of those block walls, needs to be waterproofed and backfilled correctly on the outside. Some discolorment, mold, efflorescence on some on the blocks inside the basement, only way to stop that is exterior waterproofing aka stopping the water from entering.
And when there is some reinforcing rod/stell in foundation walls, NO interior drainage system is going to keep it from rusting, nope.

Here, an interior system was previously installed, kept leaking, mold etc…called us… this video shows where the water was ALWAYS getting in