RECALL: American Woodmark Recalls to Repair Continental Cabinets and Hampton Bay Kitchen Wall Cabinets Due to Impact Hazard


Thank you!

I did an inspection a few weeks back where a cabinet fell off the wall. It was down before I got there, so it wasn’t me, but I just assumed the landlord used crappy fasteners.

I’m going to email this information to the new owner. No idea if they are the same cabinet, hard to tell really, so I’ll have the owner check.


Looking at the pic, it looks like improper installation of the cabinets and not the cabinets themselves. Inexperienced installer.

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Yeah, I’ve installed A LOT of cabinets. The issue was the tenant was cleaning this area out because the landlord sold the place out from under her. She and her mother were working this particular area.

It looked like the chump used drywall anchors, the little chimpy ones. What you can’t see in this picture was the stacks of boxes opened and strewn about right here. This was literally as close to it as I could get and frankly, it fell, no further reason to look into it. I put it down as poorly installed, safety hazard. Stay clear, do not use the other cabinets until they are properly secured by a competent, licensed and insured cabinet installer.

That could go for almost any particle board cheap cabinet, installed without large washers to spread the load…