Camera Pole - Samsung Question

(Timothy J. Smith, CMI) #1

I am using the Samsung app for my camera to be able to view and control the camera on my iPad.

The display is only showing up on my iPad in the corner. It is showing on about only 1/16th of the iPad actual screen size. Works fine on the iPhone.

Anyone have any thoughts?? i’m stumped on this one.

(George Skeeters, HI-3186) #2

Mine does the same. Also the zoom feature will close out the app when you try and use it.
If that is not the case let me know cause that is how mine is. I actually purchased a Nikon because of this

(Timothy J. Smith, CMI) #3

Thanks George. I may return this camera. I was not a huge fan when i first got my hands on it but thought i would give it a try.

I wanted a Canon as that is what i have always used but they have not updated their apps for IOS 8 which is frustrating.

What nikon camera are you using? Do yo like the Nikon app.

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #4

The camera and app work flawlessly with my Note 3.

(David A. Andersen, TN HI# 40) #5

because it’s not an ‘i’…

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #6

Maybe you could buy an Apple camera.

(George Skeeters, HI-3186) #7

Nikon coolpix s5300. Works great with my iPhone 6+ and iPad

(George Skeeters, HI-3186) #8

Samsung app is due an update and they say the issue will be corrected. Been hearing that for over a month

(Ian W. Mayer, CMI) #9

Although I have the software on my tablet, I just always end up using my phone because it’s just easier to deal with the phone on the job site.

If I need to “see it bigger” then I just wait until I get home and put it up on the big screen.

(Christopher Currins, CMI) #10

Or an android phone. ;-):slight_smile:

(Timothy J. Smith, CMI) #11

I bought and am using a Nikon P600. It works great.

(Wayne B. Wilson, TN 439) #12

I use a JVC cam it takes stills or vid, 70 zoom works great with phone

(Kane Shannon) #13

which app do you guys use to control your cameras?


(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #14

Each camera manufacturer usually has their own app

(David A. Andersen, TN HI# 40) #15

remote viewfinder and mobile link.

(Jeffrey R. Jonas) #16

I don’t futz with any of that crap. Too time consuming and fraught with issues (as you’ve found out). I run video of the entire roof, review it and grab stills back in the office. No issues or missed opportunities.

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #17

Cannon wifi camera and note 4 device works great for us. Have a 24 and 32 foot pole.