Can somebody give me the link to check my license status?

My check has been cashed and fingerprints done. Is there a website to monitor the status of my application?



License search

give then a call. It shows “pending checklist” after your name. It should say “Pending”. Probably a question about something on your supplied checklist. They are very helpful when you call.

Thank you Joseph. They were very helpful and said they still haven’t received my background check info from the FBI yet.

Can you by chance tell me how you looked that up for me so I can continue to follow up on it without having to call them repeatedly? From this page:, I can’t figure out where to go next.

Thanks in advance!


Go to this link: Then go all the way to the bottom and click on “generate roster”. Then check the box and click on “criteria”. select “Ohio Inspector”. then you are taken to the daily list that you can download. It will have your status.

Joe thanks for your help I received my H.I license the other day

Great news! One of these days let meet up.

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Thanks so much for your help. I’m getting stuck on the first screen (which is where you have to register at first time use). It is asking for a user name, password and last 4 digits of my social, but it is also asking for a “Formatted Credentials Number” and I can’t for the life of me figure out what that is. Any thoughts?

I just looked at yours. It still says “pending checklist”. I would call them so you can see if you are missing something. Regarding getting to the page, when you are on the first screen you need to just go all the way to the bottom of the page to see “generate roster” skip past the part where it asks for a user name. Click on generate roster below: License Lookup & Download

Whoo hoo, I just got my license the other day. My wife and daughter surprised me with it. I’m in the club.:boxing_glove:


Congrats Edwin


Thank you Michael and Joseph. By the way, I’ve had business cards printed before my license was given. I’m going to apply an address label to the back of the cards stating that I’m “Licensed and Insured”. I’ve researched that perspective clients (me included), one of the criteria s , are to find a company that is professionally licensed and insured. I noticed that, you Joseph, have decided to publicize your license number on your forum profile. Is that because it is public knowledge/information? I’m old school. I kinda feel that it’s like putting you SSN out there. With all that is going on with personal data on the internet, maybe I’m too paranoid? What say you sir?

Edwin, I also publish my license # on my web site.No reason to hide it. It is public knowledge and can be found on the site. I just re-ordered cards to include the my license number also. IMO it adds some bonafides to your business.

OK then. I have also noticed that my HVAC work truck has the license number on its bumper. I guess I should feel more relieved about it. Thanks Joseph.

2" letters required. Mine was OH LIC. #26286.