Ever see one of these

Could someone please help with identifying this on a hose bib.

Can’t recall ever seeing this before.

P4170022 (Small).JPG

P4170023 (Small).JPG

My best guess is that its and air chamber to eliminate water hammer.

I think it is a lawnmower muffler, and the valve is a captain’s choice cut out.


It is shaped like a small engine muffler but I don’t see any exhaust holes.:smiley:

Paul, That’s what I suspect. There were a total of four hose bibs at the house and two of them had them on.

Gets my vote too.

Possibly an anti-siphon valve?..an odd one, but…

I really can’t tell if there is an opening around that seam or elsewhere.

Did a little research and found that it was made by ZURN and is a
SHOKTROL WATER HAMMER ARRESTOR used in commercial settings like laundramats. Thanks for your help.

I learned somthing today.

And now so have I. Thanks