Can’t believe this buyer is going to purchase this home

I can’t believe this buyer is going to purchase this home. Horizontal & step cracks all over the damn place. Walls are bowed, floor joists are cracked, and someone even removed a support column. The buyer says he doesn’t plan on staying more than 5 years & wants to finish the basement. He is going to Drylok the walls :joy:. Seller says no evidence of water. There were water stains all over the damn floor from walls to the drain. Unbelievable
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What you’re showing is Very come with block foundation walls. I see the exact same type and location of cracks all of the time. IMO it’s not a deal killer. It’s fairly easy to repair, by someone that knows what they’re doing.
Drylok is not the answer though.

I agree with Chris.
“Yours is not to question why…”

this IS what’s open on the exterior of the block wall, along with other ext-cracks in wall. so this EXT horizontal crack is opposite the top-of the 1st block UP off the basement floor

these long horizontal cracks almost always go, end to end, full length of wall, if you look at the 1st photo, the TOP of that pic the horizontal crack begins to thin out, it will eventually turn up and into what we call, a corner crack. These long horizontal cracks almost always, are wider at-near the middle of the wall and get thinner towards the end of wall


so doing anything on the inside such as applying 69 coats of Drylok paint or installing an interior drainage system 'n 69 sump pumps will not repair, waterproof any of the existing-defects on the exterior of the wall, cracks etc hence will not stop further water from entering and these walls can get worse, bowed in more etc.

sometimes, some exterior blocks deteriorate, disintegrate like this

couple more links, Donan Eng
‘Typically the failure is not from hydrotatic pressure, but from the soil re-expanding…’

‘In simple terms a basement wall fails when the pressure of the soil exceeds the lateral strength of the wall’

short video, some ext-vertical cracks n holes in block foundation wall but notice the long horizontal crack plus the corner cracks. This homeowner recently bought this house, SELLER paid BIG money $ n had an INT drainage system and sump pump installed, well basement leaked when he moved in and some cracks began to widen hence he found n called my balding azz n what you see in video is what we find all the time.

the wall got worse, some cracks widened due to, because of, underground tree roots against the wall and the clay soil expanding n contracting against the wall, there was a driveway here. So as some the cracks widened, MORE water was allowed to enter those widening cracks, caused some mold n efflorescence on some parts of the inside of wall n yes, seller had it painted over n cracks patched prior to putting house on market. The exterior waterproofing cost lil less than $3,000, this was a few years ago n cost has gone up a lil but the EXT waterproofing cost far less than the INT basement drainage junk which again, did not stop further water from entering etc, nope.

Darrul, many people have different skills. I inspected a house that I wouldn’t buy, and I’m a builder, but the buyer bought it and turned it into a nice Bed and Breakfast.

There is a buyer for every house out there. :smile:

There’s a seat for every ASS

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Apparently there is. He’s a young guy, doesn’t have any money to make the repairs, and no skill to fix it. The kid asked what the gas meter was???. Of course I try to keep my opinions to my self & just do the job I’m being paid to do. Of course the question always comes at the end…would you buy this house? It came flying out faster than I could blink Hell No! I guess if seller is willing to give money for repairs. I don’t think they will though especially since it’s obvious they know it is an issue. A least seller took the time to repoint block joints in basement.

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And every house will sell… for the right price!!

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I wish that I could share some pictures but in Ohio we can’t share pictures without the owner of record’s permission.

Sam, this forum isn’t for acquiring clients. Please feel free to ask home inspection related questions, though. Have a great day!