Canadians can expect improvement

I expect to see big changes in the Canadian Home inspection Associations
Having a single identity in control does not work.
They have become arrogant and ignorant with how they have treated members and those that wished to become members .
Well NACHI comming to Canada has been the best thing to happen for all Canadian Home inspectors .
NACHI has and still does give much help and information to all Canadian Home inspectors .
NACHI co-operates with every one all the time .
NACHI is open and above board with every one .
NACHI is adding so much so often I will be surprised if the other Canadian associations can catch up .
Regardless even though they can never catch NACHI they will also improve on how they treat their members and start to understand if they hope to Grow or at least stay constant they must treat their membership properly.
This to me is a win win for the inspection industry.
NACHI the Association that does not have a closed door attitude.
CMI (Certified Home Inspector) is by far the leader.
The public can also see who has a CMI!

… Cookie

I have to agree with Roy on this, CMI went over **HUGE **at the International Home Show, alot of Realtors were there asking about it, along with the general public.

Looks like we have a wimp who can give out a red square and not sign their name.
I just love the negative attitude some have.
I wonder is it some member who is so jealous of NACHI that they have to give a red
Unfortunately we have a coward who obviously does not like this discusion and leaves a RED SQ. and will not sign his name .
I am ashamed for those who give reds and do not sign. I have given reds and I do sign my name .
If you can not stand the heat stay out off the Kitchen.
You are nothing but a looser.

Canadians can expect… 10/9/07 6:49 PM nope.
From the get go I have been positive for NACHI and do what I can to help all Home Inspectors.
OAHI has some great members and I expect OAHI will improve .
It is obvious some of the directors come to the NACHI site and are now in the process of seeing how they can salvage some thing from what they have .
CMI the only way to fly.

… Cookie


I will give you Green to counter Red from this coward as soon as the system will allow me.

CMI is going international soon by the way. We should be in over 40 countries by next year.

As for this thing about other associations needing to keep up… please. That is not my vision at all. My vision is for all these little national associations, provincial and state associations to all be independent and helpful locally to our profession, while all the inspectors everywhere in the world belonging to one main group, InterNACHI. The other associations will likely become subdivisions that operate independently, with their own local members who also belong to the mother org. We see this system already working well with so many of our local chapters spinning off into their own separate corporations and state assocations like WiNACHI and CalNACHI. This is very similar to NAR (National Association of REALTORs) where locally there are many chapters and smaller groups to help on a local level.

I don’t mean to sound as if I lack humility, but if I thought for a second that any other association had a chance of “catching up” to NACHI at the speed we are moving, I’d get a knife, go up to the tallest building I could find in Denver, jump off, and slit my throat on the way down. It’s never going to happen.

I’m unduly credited for not viewing other associations as competitors, but that is just because they aren’t. What they all are, are local organizations for the inspectors in their local area to deal with local issues (licensing, hands-on education, group marketing, etc.)… and that is a great thing to be. But everyone in the business has to face facts… it is silly for non-members to try to compete with inspectors who have all the advantages of NACHI membership. Why kill yourself? What are you trying to prove by not joining? Just join and be happy and successful:

Just ask Bill Mullen, he is a member of NACHI because he sees that resistance is futile.

And if you don’t believe Bill, just ask all the other CAHPI-OAHI members that I see have already joined.

It appears there are more joining NACHI than there are joining CAHPI-OAHI/National, given whats happening in OAHI in Ontario.

Thanks Bill for setting an irreversible trend!

Slouvaki on a bun anyone? :wink: