Can't figure out why the ground is connected to this faucet

In the attached image you can see a ground connection. The house was built in 1985 with all copper pipe. It has been renovated on the inside and there are GFCI’s in all areas near running water. I couldn’t determine where the wire was going or even why it was needed. Should I mention anything about this in my report or leave it alone? Could it be some sort of telephone line ground?



Could be CATV or TELCO or something else. If you cannot determine what it is how will you write it up?

If this is for the CATV or phone it should be bonded back to the system ground, not a random spot on the plumbing.

Whatever it is, it looks like a pretty ineffective connector. My guess would be for cable, satellite or telephone system.

I guess I was wondering if I should mention the make-shift connection itself.

Agree on all points.

This was a very common practice 15 years ago for CATV installations. Although it’s incorrect by today’s NEC standards it’s better than nothing.

Yes .