CCHI Come to Ontario

Congratulation OntarioACHI
It gives me great pleasure to announce that OntarioACHI has adopted the CCHI certification standard.
This standard is the highest certification standard in Canada.
When you have the CCHI designation you will have attained the highest Home Inspection certification in Canada.
To become a Certified Canadian Home Inspector you must successfully complete the following training
Over 200 hours of online InterNACHI courses and pass the final proctored exams.
Attend four home inspection with a CCHI or CMI
Submit and past four Inspection reports proctored by a CMI or CCHI
Pass the only one on one peer review that tests; your inspection procedures, report on the exam house and a tested presentation by a CMI or CCHI.
Also Only CMI’s and CCHI’s that have been trained to use the peer review procedures.
The ride along mentor and the peer review proctor must be different individuals.
After all that you still must complete 25 fee paid inspections that are reviewed and one final hurtle Pass a final proctored exam on InterNACHI’s COE

That is really good news. I new before long they would pay for the rights to use CCHI.
Now lets see how the InterNachi Inspectors soar in respect.

WOW: and still no mention of this on the OntarioACHI message board. The program, while on paper may sound great I don’t believe we have the infrastructure in place right now do the peer/ mentor program. Another factor is cost.
If you qualify it maybe easier just to give Nick a thousand dollars and get the CMI designation.
Is this just for Newbies or is there grandfathering for experienced inspectors?
So many questions.

**May I remind all **
(It gives me great pleasure to announce that OntarioACHI has adopted the CCHI certification standard. )

OntarioACHI is just another self appointed group who has few members and has no more control of our Ontario industry then many other associations .

All questions will be answered, we have been working very hard at ontarioachi to put this together with Verne (many thanks to Verne and Len).
There are many reasons why our M/B has not been very active but that will be revealed soon.
Remember, ontarioachi is an extension of internachi in Ontario, don’t let anyone try to convince members otherwise!

Both statements by Roy and Doug are valid but I am still happy that they are listening to Verne in getting the CCHI as there really is no other structure at this time.
When the government gets the Licensing set up all will need to achieve this. I am almost certain either by providing enough education about 225 hrs or fulfilling the required hours needed, peer review, mentoring and competency exam.
I imagine all Associations will put something in place for this but internal training may become a challenge, Each veteran member will need to be trained to do the PEER reviews correctly.
I like the way Verne has set this up, am all for it and it was something I did talk extensively with him on.

So is CanNachi an extension of NACHI and they too seem to do little for our industry.

Well that would not be true Roy as they are using the SOP for ASHI and never adopted the InterNachi standards or COE.
Nick has allowed this to happen! It does not mean he was in agreement.

Seemed to me what I read was NICK was in agreement .

Nick would not be in agreement if they did not use the same material is all I am saying.
If he was then Why?
I will let Nick tell you what happened.

I do not think he cares on our associations he is more interested in Members .
NACHI still does more for Canadian Homies then all the secret Canadian associations added together .

Nick has more than one thing on his mind and one is the increase of traffic on the MB. This has a 3 fold purpose and makes Nachi better than all the rest.
He also has allowed InterNachi to help Ontario in this Licensing issue.
Sometimes you need to work with what you are given to accomplish the greater good.
He will use every avenue to achieve this.

I have no problems with cannachi, they have a school, they have mold education programs, they use internachi education, they are recognised in at least three provinces.

So much more will be coming out of ontarioachi soon, but fitting that Verne announced our agreement on the CCHI with ontarioachi.

We have not established the baseline yet, (202 hrs) but similar to Albertanachi,. We have come a long way in a short time…that’s what we are doing for the industry, rather than complaining about what others are doing… we are doing something positive for all hommies!

You are absolutely right Kevin, the program does require some commitment of the veteran members to make it work. We will be posting more information as it is formalised.
This is the first step in a long road we need to take quickly, but carefully if we are to have everything in place as and when required by the Government of Ontario.
The first steps following the signing will be to get the CMI peer training off the ground. We expect this to happen over the next 3-4 weeks, and it will be offered free of charge to currently practicing CMI’s in Ontario.
The costs for the ride-alongs, and peer reviews is likely to be in line with the processes and procedures in Alberta, which has already been accepted by their government towards licensing.
The points made by Doug are valid, there are many questions, and we are trying hard to formulated the answers and get them out as quickly and as accurately as possible, but given everything else we are working on tho ensure that we comply with the Bylaws of the Association, the requirements of the legal agreements, and the focus on ensuring we offer the highest level of consumer and Inspector transparency, we will not always get the message out on both media points in a timely fashion, and for that we apologise and ask for your patience.

Doug, it was posted on the OntarioACHI main site. Here.
On paper the program is excellent. As for the actualities,
we have the technical infrastructure in place to manage the program, as well as the training technology in place. Costs we believe will be in line with the Alberta Model, although because of the higher number of Inspectors in Ontario may be less expensive.
It does rely on the willingness of the more qualified inspectors to step up as proctors, peer reviewers and adjudicators to ensure that the less experiences inspectors can be brought up to the required level. That’s what is always professed to be the case in this message board, now it’s time to see if people can put their money (and their time) where their mouths are.

The peer review and proctoring training for CMI’s and eventually CCHI’s will be free. This will allow as many CMI’s to become trainers/adjudicators as possible. This in turn will allow them to “give back” to the profession as peer reviewers, and ride-along oversights. In addition their is a need for proctors, and again these will need to be registered with OntarioACHI and freely trained to ensure the proctoring service is beyond reproach.

Experienced inspectors may have already acquired the requisite training, and have sufficient paid-inspections. The ride-along in this case may be able to be replaced with the peer reviews of the reports. The proctored exams will be required for all CCHI applicants, much the same as it is in B.C., Alberta and the 32 states in the U.S. that issue licenses on the back of the InterNACHI training.

We are working on moving the training from InterNACHI to Ontario, and making the content and the exams match the Canadian requirements, and will be working with the InterNACHI team to ensure that all InterNACHI training is recognised on the OntarioACHI site, thus saving someone having to perform the training again.

This all takes time, and resources, which as Roy stated are few. We are asking for more volunteers, but while we see many espouse to be prepared to help “newbies”, when the rubber hits the proverbial road, that offer of assistance dries up, and all the work is left to a few.

As for the CMI, for those who are qualified to obtain it, I would state that it is without doubt the highest standard with respect to education and past experience anywhere in the world, and if the finances allow, then it will never hurt to show that on a resume. The CCHI is aimed more at solely the Canadian market, and the requirements laid down by legislation in two provinces, and likely to be laid down in many more. When the AlbertaACHI board devised the program, they envisioned it as being the unifying certification, recognised by Ministries of Labour, Education and Consumer Services in all the Provinces, and providing the standard that would support the federal Mobility of Workforce Act.
The Board (past and present) of OntarioACHI see that as a valid view and, as evidenced on this board, and by our actions, fully support it.

I will post on the message board, so more questions can be asked. We are still ironing out issues that have been introduced by Ontario’s adoption of the CCHI, which were not originally identified in the CCHI process, and we will try to keep all informed both here on the InterNACHI board but also on the OntarioACHI message board, main site and newsletter.

Roy, we don’t want control, we want transparency for the consumers, inspectors et al!

Maybe if you joined in to help, rather than continually knocked something you have little idea of, you might realise how much time, effort and finance is being put in to help the inspector profession in Ontario without any gain for the individuals involved.

You say you are here to help any inspector, well prove it by helping us help all inspectors, sign up for the CMI peer review program and offer you services as a ride along or peer review adjudicator.

I do help and will continue to help all where I can .
I was not pleased in how the President was voted in and removed by the ex.
I feel this was pre planed and handled extremely poorly .
Sorry at this time I can not support your association .
I am sure others also feel the same as I do.

What “Secret Associations” are you talking about Roy?

All the associations, to my knowledge, have public and members only areas. Granted, CanNACHI message board seems to be more restrictive than others, but that is their decision, it doesn’t make then “secret”

“Pay your money make your choice” seems to be the modus-operandus.

What your perception of what they do, is different from someone else’s, it doesn’t necessarily make them wrong.

You might have a past history with some of the associations and not like how they operate.

In fact I believe, from your own admission on this site, you have been involved with most and don’t, from what we see of your posts on this message board, seem to like how most of them operate, yet still they have members, and still they try, even without your input to do stuff for their members.

I’m sure there are many inspectors who belong to InterNACHI as well as other associations both home inspector and other profession oriented, and they feel that they get at least a modicum of benefit from their memberships. They wouldn’t be members otherwise.

John F. Kennedy once said “Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country”. He was paraphrasing a biblical quotation as you sow, so shall you reap, you could easily replace the word Country with Association.

In other words, you get out of something only what you put into it.

If all you put in is negativity, then all you’ll get out is negativity.

Thanks for all your efforts in helping the two boards get to this point Vern. I’m sure I can speak for the OntarioACHI board when I say that we look forward to working with the board of AlbertaACHI to make the CCHI “THE” most recognised and recognisable Canadian Home Inspector Association awarded Certification, and a true standard to which the Provincial and Federal Governments can use to maintain the mobility of workforce across Canada.

I am not negative I am positive at all times .
But I do say what I know and have the facts .
Help others I have and will continue to do .
Help your group Thanks but no thanks .
**You **do know I helped your group from the get go with ideas and thoughts spent much time on the phone and spent time with Homies at my home and a lot of emails sharing my knowledge and sent a lot of information to your group…

Please do not try and shame me into supporting ACHI.