Certification process - wondering about the order

My residential building experience is limited to HVAC (years ago) and what I’ve picked up through my “I want to know how it works” type of home ownership over the years. In short, I’m still feeling pretty new to a lot of the knowledge needed for home inspections. I’ve completed the SOP and COE courses, but find myself diving into the first year how-to courses before taking the online inspector exam. I feel like taking the exam now is a bit “cart in front of the horse” for me. Just wondering if any of you have taken the same approach.

I’ve been in home maintenance for quite awhile and thought I knew quite a bit but, after starting the training, I realized how much I wasn’t aware of. Taking the exam will help you see where you’re lacking. It’s good for the beginner as well as the know-it-all. I say go for it. And thanks for asking all of us. That’s what this forum is about.

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HVAC techs tend to make good home inspectors as they have good overall knowledge of many house systems. The nice thing about the Inter-NACHI online inspector exam is that you can take it as many times as you like at no extra cost other than your membership fee. I agree with David, taking it early will show you where your weaknesses are and allow you to focus on them.

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Thanks for the quick replies…a sign of an active community! I’m about to take the roofing exam now, but when that’s done, I’ll give the CPI exam a try.

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Welcome to our forum, Jeff!..Enjoy!

Hey Jeff, I’m in a similar phase of leaning. I have taken about 4 courses and decided to try the Online Exam this morning. I got a 72% which is about what I expected. At the end of the course it breaks down your scores for each sub-secion. Not surprisingly I scored well in the 4 areas that I had passed the courses in, and poorly in the other areas. It’s good to see where your strenghts and weaknesses are.

Hi Jeff,
It will take you time to build your business and in that time you can perfect your knowledge through how to courses and inspections. Sounds like you are on the right track with the process. I would encourage you to take the exam and do some practice inspections/ride alongs. Nearly every house is different. Get that experience in.

Thanks for the welcomes and all the good advice. Looks like there’s a consensus on the worth of testing before knowing. :grin: I’ll set aside some time this week for the exam.

@jerck I actually have an inspection lined up later this week. I’ll be shadowing a 30-year veteran to the business…looking forward to it!


Perfect, Jeff! That will get you off too a great start! :smiley:

I passed the test today! Thanks for the advice and encouragement!

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Great job, Jeff!

Way to go, Jeff!