What happened to the super E&O infromation from a couple months ago that was going to make ASHI inspectors crap their pants or some thing like that ] when they found out who the insurance co was?

Join the party Dan. It’s a no brainer.:slight_smile:

I guess you do not read the members section to bad .

You are not a Member of NACHI.

As a Non-Member, why do you care?
As a Non-Member, what do you believe entitles you to a Response to your Question?

The party?
Which one, ex nacho inspectors that took the no brainer route to be certified, No thanks, around here there are more ex nacho inspectors than all others combined.:roll: :roll:

Dan is way to concerned with everyone elses business. Maybe he should be concerned with his own.
If he can’t see the value in a NACHI membership, one has to question how bright he is.:wink:

Been peeing my pants laughing so hard reading the bs here, figured what the heck, gromicko said I was going to crap my pants soon, just a waiting, and hopping for a little pre warning.:mrgreen:
:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

And yet you just can’t stay away, can you Dan? Thanks for providing some comic relief here on the board.

Dan, in a twisted way you provide a valuable service to some by acting the fool.

Your attempts at dissing NACHI are easily refuted so that many learn the truth in spite of your ranting. Thanks for helping out.:wink:

Dan if you would be so kind as to send me your address I will try and help you with your problem . If I can not get you help I will send you some depends so it is not so noticeable when you wet your self .
NACHI where help is freely given to those unfortunates who lack control of their mind or bladder.

Good Question on why do you care.

What were you doing at the time that made you think of NACHI and had to spend your valuable time to think and ask the question.

When you were a child, were you the type to cry when somebody got something you didn’t or do you store all this hatred in you from events that happened in your life. :twisted:

Lastly, if you want to know about the insurance, than join NACHI. I wouldn’t expect ASHI to tell me everything about their org. if I didn’t belong. Heck, I can’t even see what’s being said on the chat room.

Gosh, some here get defensive when another lie is exposed.
Do you really belive nick made that post in the open section of your bb, soley for nacho members:roll: :roll:
Have another glass of nacho flavored egg nog, that should make your day a little brighter,:mrgreen: :mrgreen:


You can’t seem to handle it that we have many happy members here. Not all are happy, and we could never make all of them happy. Unhappy members leave, like you did.

We also have attracted many dissatisfied ashi members who are now happy InterNACHI members. I doubt they have the time to go worry about what ashi is doing, nor do most of them even care.

You should spend your time doing something constructive for an org. you belong to, or for your business, rather than concerning yourself with an assocition you don’t like, and have no say in the operation.

Have a Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Gromicko takes pop shots at the non believers, his little indians come in to clean up the mess, still waiting for rev will to offer to pray for me in hope of helping me.:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

isn’t the red box a great option ??, reminds me of the hannity hot line,
instead of being unkind to your customers, you can lash out at the non believers before you go do your inspection.:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Yeah that’s right Dan, all your posts are uplifting and accurate. N**OT:twisted:

Usually the only messes that need cleaning up are the ones you leave.:shock::shock:


Here ya go:

With the insurance discounts we offer (some saving members as much as $1,600 a year, year after year), you have to be a mathematical moron not to join InterNACHI. Our dues are only $289 and on top of insurance discounts… you get

I’m not saying that if you aren’t a member of InterNACHI, you are probably too stupid to do an inspection, but… well… you do the math.


You are a Fine Example of the ASHI Organization.

Every day your posts remind me of why I never entertained being a part of the ASHI Experience.

(Booga Booga) :smiley:

Your staement tends to go agianst polls that have been conducted here in NachiLand. I seem to remember one from a few months ago that showed that most who took part first join Nachi and then move on to ASHI, not the other way around

Recently an ASHI member who had received a Free Nachi membership, was kicked off the Island for not displaying the Nachi Logo on his website, in reality it was because he posted a document that the Pack didn’t like, but the Logo was the “official” reason.

Just how many of these new ASHI members are only here on a Freebie out of curioustiy, and how many of those will just let their free memberships expire while retaining their ASHI membership?

Dan, Nick’s little indians, in fact one of his little chiefs, mad a post about Nachi’s $1000 E&O over on TIJ, there was a pretty good discussion there about the hsitory of the company providing this great insurance, the “little Chief” ran away, but in the end the result was the opinion that you get what you pay for and buyer beware.

Joe. That spiked my web views off the scale.
Kool that will give me higher rankings. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Must be a lot of nacho members with no work today.:twisted: :twisted:

Hmmm. This is the same one from 2 plus years ago.
My souce of information told me that some ashi members were stupid enough to buy into this, only to find out it’s no longer offered.:roll: :roll: