Cheap roof repair

Why replace the entire roof field, just replace the ones that are leaking.

Can you believe this idiot homeowner replaced small portions of this roof field? The entire roof is obviously in need of immediate replacement, but he believes that patching it will save him money on the sale. Get REAL.

roof_old2.JPG roof_old1.JPG


…and he mixed new 3-tab shingles with old no-tab shingles!:shock: :wink:

Me thinks he put that first roof on too!

With those patches, the roof should last another hour.

are You sure that is not that new dimensional " worn out Look 30 " that GAF is coming out with???..jim

Probably a good thing for the buyer that he didn’t tackle the whole thing. :smiley:

What’s wrong with you David?:shock:
Nothing wrong with that roof!:shock: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh Oh …Mario has been staring into the wrong end of the camera too long…His eyes are shot…:shock:

No…there’s nothing wrong at all, according to the Seller.

Simply patch the obvious leaks, the inspector will never know that the roof was leaking. Don’t worry about the other crumbling shingles.

This poor woman had this done to her by family less than a year ago.

C’mon now Bruce. Don’t kill the deal.

At least they made an attempt to help her out.

with relatives like that who needs enemies

Heck, why waste the money replacing anything? After all, the interior damage has already been done. Besides, its not like its going to rain every day.:wink: