InterNACHI and MICB file petition to cancel Nathan's Home Inspection University.

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You can’t call yourself a “University” if you aren’t approved by the Board of Regents or Department of Education. I’m a Trump fan, but even President Trump learned that the hard way and settled the charge by paying out $25 million, the only time in his career where he settled a case by paying everyone back in full.

And home inspectors should not engage in deceptive advertising by implying that they attended or graduated from a University when in fact, they did not. The first thing a plaintiff’s attorney does is check to makes sure you aren’t lying about your qualifications. If you do falsely claim that you completed University-level training, your E&O insurance policy won’t cover you.

:thinking: I saw a post that said, “you can’t call yourself a University” But many corporate businesses have their own universities…Buger King University, McDonalds, Domino’s Pizza to name a few.

Guess new to InterNachi only been a member a year. I never heard of this guy. True a university will be acreditted by one of several different acreditting agencies. States will accept any of the approved acreditting agencies.

I see why it was done.

I would like to see a community college, online schools, to make home inspevtions course they provide a 2 year degree. Get rid of the bull crap classes…only classes dealing with a home, commercial buildings. From design and construction, hvac, electrical, plumbing, roofing, IRC Codes, NFPA, ADA, OSHA Codes. It will establish the home inspector as being an inspector with credentials. I live in Missouri, currently…there is NO law regarding a home that before its sold a home inspection must be completed, nor is there any law mandatig training/education. A homeless man on the street can start one today. I like InterNachi for what they provide in education, training, certifications.

Yes, there needs to be a weeding out of the untrained/uneducated inspectors!

My 2 cents worth. And yes, OSHA Regs…while you are upon the property inspecting…OSHA can issue you citations for violation of OSHA Regs. My nephew is a roofer…he had just got on the roof did not have on his safety harness or rope attached to the anchor…OSHA inspector was driving by and saw him. He got 2 fines from OSHA. He says he will not even go up the ladder without his safety gear on now. It was a new subdivision going in, he was putting the roof shingles one on of the new homes…the inspector was checking out the jobsite.

Be safe

Interesting! Do you have any eyes or plans on the same for their “Certified Inspection Expert” or are there actual qualifications beyond just selling the consumers their 90 Day Widget Warranties?

OSHA can not fine an owner operator on a job site. If I own the company and I am choosing to take risks, they have no jurisdiction. If however an employee of mine is in violation the company can be fined. If I am the president of a corporation and working in violation the company can be fined as I am considered an employee of the corporation.

OSHA Interpretation

I have a question, If Internachi is a non-profit corp, how do I deduct my expenses here as a business expense and not a charitible contribution? And how in the heck are you a NON- Profit???

Off topic, but anything you spend on your business is generally tax deductible. Charitable donations aren’t the only things that are tax deductible in the U.S. For example, if you buy reporting software from a company, that cost is tax deductible. If you buy printer ink from Staples or Office Max, the cost of that printer ink is tax deductible.

Anyway, InterNACHI is not only a non-profit corporation but it was also awarded federal tax exemption and has maintained that tax exempt status since its inception. It’s based on the fact that we produce and administer so much education and training for the industry: IRS grants InterNACHI tax-exempt status. - InterNACHI

Here is the current status of that separate case: USPTO TTABVUE. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Inquiry System

And there it is Nick again attempting to protect the industry. Bravo!!

One question about this CIE case. I did not notice any INACHI motion for the Widget people to provide any actual basis as to how a person is declared/awarded a CIE. Would that be something that will be asked/part of this case?

On a side note I see there is a new one out there albeit not part of our industry that is being called a protection expert and dealing with widgets/warranties and RE Agents. Has NAR been told of this as it does reflect on their various awards/professional levels?

I’m a Pizza Expert. In my own mind.

I don’t think our petition has anything to do with warranties or NAR. We just feel it is our duty, as we are now the lone inspection association in the industry, to make sure that all professional designations are meaningful and not CMI copycats that you can get by simply being some vendor’s customer.

We, and that includes our Legal Department, continue to work to improve the profession.

Nathan is good at some things, and not very good at others.

Yes but do you offer a 90 Day Pizza Warranty? :wink:

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That then makes you a “Certified Pizza Expert”! Wear your badge proudly young man! ;-)!

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Did anyone not think Nate was going to start his own association to compete with NACHI.?